Friday 25 February 2011

Looking for Breakfast

Saturday Morning
A scantily dressed caryatid
gets ready for a busy day along

A Young Lady
bundled up against
the morning's chill

High Up
a festooned balcony

The Lord
of Vienna's Waterworks
on his billboard throne

Café Savoy
too early!

Finally, a Viennese Melange
and young radishes on
whole grain bread
Café Drechsler


25 January 2011
© Merisi


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    I would never have thought of having radishes for breakfast, but I shall try!

  2. I don't really like radishes, but those look so fresh that it makes me fancy them.

    I've been reading about Vienna in 1938; so hard to believe it is the same place as the city you photograph so lovingly and beautifully.

  3. Young radishes on bread? I've never heard of that but it sounds quite delicious :)

  4. What? No pastries?! Radishes for breakfast?! I think I'll stay in bed till lunch time, if you don't mind.

  5. The young lady is such a striking image!

    Radishes on bread and butter? I'd like that!

  6. Beutiful and romantic shots, Merisi! And I like your breakfast, Hut ab ;-))

    Cheers, Svet

  7. Oooooh, radishes for breakfast! Have never had them, but would love to try, especially when they're as pretty as these...

  8. Blue and white - another favourite colour combination of mine (photo # 1), like blue and white porcelain.

  9. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    A wonderful Sunday to all of you,

  10. @ Bee:

    Thank you for the book tip, "The Hair with the Amber Eyes" Vicki Lane has also recommended it. It is on my wish list and, and I am looking forward to reading it when summer comes around!

    Have you read Stefan Zweig's autobiography "The World of Yesterday"? Gavin Plumley has written quite recently about the new English tranlation on his "Entwartete Musik" blog (I have only the older version). I have read the German version three times from beginning to end, my Fischer pocketbook looks the way. I remember one of the first early mornings after my arrival in Vienna literally hearing his "voice" when I turned from Graben into Dorotheergasse.

  11. The top image is so beautiful, it could be a cake:) Love the girl all dressed from the chill, she so balances out the building that could look like a cake;) Radishes on a sandwich, never thought of it, but I would imagine, delightful~

  12. Mary Howell Cromer,
    thank you! :-)

    That building has five or six floors, if not more,
    it sat there all brilliant white in the morning sun, with the pale blue sky reflected in the shiny window. A sight to behold.

    Radishes on a buttered slice of good bread, some chives and salt, delicious! During tomato season, Drechsler offers thinly sliced ripe tomatoes instead. Cucumbers taste great too. ;-)

  13. The red on the radishes brightened my day! It was -16C here today and the day was bleak! Cheers

  14. Shooting people from the back is a trip isn't it?
    so much can be said with a back...

  15. I'm surprised how good and tastey the radishes on the bread look. They have certianly piqued my interest. Cucumbers or tomatoes sound delicious too. Ok, now I'm hungry!
    Love the picture of the fashionable young lady walking against the chill.


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