Friday 18 February 2011

Baby, it's cold outside!
The intrepid Reader

Red Chair with Sphynx
Gardens of Prince Eugene's
Belvedere Palace

The intrepid Reader
Sitting down to read
"Die Winterreise"
Winter Journey

23 January 2011
© by Merisi


  1. Baby it's warm outside HERE!
    AT LAST!
    Yay jeans instead of heavy snow pants :)
    Come to NYC

  2. The sphinx looks carved from snow herself.

  3. Hello Merisi, two comments above have already told you my thoughts! See what strong messages your photos send us?

    I also wanted to mention how much I like the photo of the snowy vineyard. It's a sight I would not have otherwise imagined. Thank you.

  4. Beautiful pictures, as always, Merisi. Wish I could send you some of our Mississippi sunshine and spring-like temperatures.

  5. That's all I ask for, Merisi...some sun. Another grey day here, but the birds and the garden seem to think that spring is not far away.

  6. WHat an inspiring spot to read!

    ps - I left a cup of coffee on my blog for you today ;)

  7. I can't help but wonder how one turns the pages of a book whilst wearing mitts.

  8. This made me smile Merisi. I know of another intrepid reader sitting at the bus stop in the rain, totally engrossed in a book. The lady owner of the book shop who saw him through her window was intrigued to see someone actually reading a book not hooked up to something blasting in their ears, of course recognises the young and later told us 'who else could it be but your grandson?'

    Books can be a great joy to hold in one's hands and become engrossed in.

  9. Paris Breakfasts,
    I rejoice with you!
    One more semester .... ;-)

    Charles Gramlich,
    the gardens have been restored to their pristine best recently, the sculpture reflects that.

    thank you! :-)
    I was already on my drive back to Vienna, when the light suddenly changed and I had to stop by the side of the road to capture this image.

    Southern Lady,
    thank you! When I close my eyes, I can literally feel spring in your parts of the world.

    I empathize with you, grey skies ad nauseum here too. I hope spring reaches your shores soon!

  10. The Wanderer's Daughter,
    merci beaucoup, Maia, I loved sharing coffee with you! :-)

    Dear readers,
    I invite you to join Maia, who is an artist through and through, for a cup of coffee, get to know her beautiful Colorado home, even travel northeast with her, on her blog ->Une Envie de Sel (she's also celebrating her birthday this weekend!).

    See some of her work here and here.
    More links from her blog!

  11. Louciao,
    taking an assistant with you? *smile*
    (Unfortunately I did not jot down her name - she was walking and I asked her if she would pose for me. It was so bitter cold, I did not have the heart to entertain her any longer after the photo session and ask her for her name.)

  12. Wick Daily Photo,
    yes, very crisp, indeed! ;-)

    Dear Anonymous,
    here in Vienna, I often come across readers engrossed in a book. It always warms my heart.

  13. HA!
    Revenge is a dish best eaten cold...
    And ze COLD has returned to New York with a vengence!
    So there

  14. quite surprising view in our climate:)


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