Tuesday 11 January 2011

Snow swirling
out of the Sky
like Feathers

Christmas Tree
Private residence
Am Heumarkt

The Snow Queen
City Park Head Offices
Am Heumarkt/Johannesgasse

Restaurant Meierei
Right Bank of the River Wien

Over the Wien River

Johannesgasse Entrance
View of the Wien River

in the Stadtpark
Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"If he hadn't been so tired,
if he'd paid a bit more attention
to the snowflakes swirling out of the sky like feathers,
he might have realized
that he was traveling straight into a blizzard;
he might have seen at the start
that he was setting out on a journey
that would change his life forever
and chosen to turn back

Quoted from the novel
"Snow" by Orhan Pamuk
Chapter One
"The Silence of Snow
The Journey to Kars"


  1. "Snow" by Orhan Pamuk... something tells me this journey might not have turned out well. :)
    Are you keeping warm? Your pictures gave me a bit of a chill... it just looks cold there.

  2. Incidentally, it's going to snow throughout the night here too!
    AND I am currently reading one of Orhan Pamuk's books (My Name Is Red)!

  3. Beautiful snow... I must add Pamuk to my list of novelists to try.

    Just finished reading THE HARE WITH AMBER EYES -- a very interesting look at Vienna pre-WWII and of the horrible time of the Nazi regime.

  4. LDahl,
    well, I do not want to take away the suspense, Pamuk's writing is great, no matter how the story ends.
    I chose this post - a repost - because it has been grey in grey here, foggy, but no comfort of fresh snow. At last, this morning, the sun is peaking out of the cloud and fog cover, like a miracle!

    The Girl from Cherry Blossom Street,
    that is the one book I have not yet read - one fine day, when I can come up to breathe again, I will!
    Stay safe!

    I have put the book on my wish list, for the day when I finally can read more than text books again!
    Thank you for the tip!
    Stay warm!

  5. Brrrr....very chilly photos. But beautiful too.

  6. A beautiful walk but it made me cold just looking at it.


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