Monday 7 January 2013

Im Kaffeehaus
Café Frauenhuber

In the Quiet
of the Early Morning

Café Frauenhuber

Magazines and Newspapers
Neatly stacked, waiting
for the first morning patrons

Choice seating
still available

The left window seat
is already taken

another corner table,
how about sitting here?

Would you rather
chose this cozy corner?

Under this table lamp,
you say?

The first Melange,
followed by another cup?

Café Frauenhuber
Vienna's Oldest Coffeehouse
Himmelpfortgasse 6

First published
November 2009

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. No problem, I'll sit on my own (in any corner) and have a coffee, enjoying the atmosphere, while you are working hard ...
    I can wait for hours there, as far as I'm warm and cosy ...
    Good luck to you !

  2. Dear Merisi,

    I read your comment on Willow's blog, and I just wanted to say that I am very thankful for haystacks.


  3. Marie-Noêlle,
    may all your coffees be served just the way you wished for and the hours of quiet enjoyment last as long as you wish!

    you are the sweetest, thank you! :-)
    (I owe my existence to a haystack that kept a bomb that went through the roof of my grandparents' barn from exploding.)

  4. I hope you are finding those quiet times to concentrate on your studies.
    Meanwhile, thank you for this post of beautiful photos. As soon as I read that this is the oldest coffee house I had to find out more about its history.

  5. Perfect timing: I got up a little while ago and a Melange woud be just perfect. Does anybody bring their laptop to the Cafe' or is it not done? I know it's a silly question, but I am used to seeing people at work on their computer in coffee shops here and I am wondering how fast the habit is spreading.

  6. Linda P,
    you are welcome!

    oh yes, they do! Many coffee houses also offer free internet cnnection. I think it is quite a smart move, pulling in business people, among others.

  7. I never ever mind your repeat posts. They're all gorgeous, so who minds returning again!?

  8. Your repeats could not be more welcome.
    Simply glorious...I bet Siggie had a lattee here or some such thing

  9. Oh yes, take me there right now. I like that cozy little corner.

    1. The cozy corner is somewhere at the edge of morning and day. ;-)

  10. This is great!!
    You managed to get the atmosphere of the place so well in your photo!:)

  11. Merisi, I so enjoy seeing your re-posts, and having the pleasure to revisit beautiful places, and contemplate what it might be to be there myself, with flowers, papers, magazines, and coffee melange...and some cake, too, please.

    I do not think I've asked this before, and cannot remember the answer from my long ago Viennese visit. May one order a second cup of a coffee melange? Not a re-fill...that would be too NYC. Would the waiter take away the original silver tray and bring a new one?

    Please do not let this question's answer take you away from from studies and exams.

    As always, lots of love to you, and many thanks for your marvelous posts, from New York. xo

    1. Dear Francis,
      you may have one cup of coffee and linker as long as you want. On the other hand, you may order as many coffee Melange as you like. The waiter than will serve you the coffee just like the first time, on a silvery trat, with a glass of water, and the downturned spoon. He'll take away the first tray, leave you the first glass of water, though, in case you have not finished it yet.

  12. I will take the window seat, please! Such a lovely place to enjoy a morning! xx

  13. Every corner is cosy!
    I'll take them all

  14. You capture Vienna's 19th century feel so well
    No one does it better


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