Tuesday 25 January 2011

How to bake an Apple Strudel
in Provence

How to Bake an Apple Strudel
Fetch the flour jar
from the cupboard
and an egg
from your larder

Ask George Clooney
to brew a cup of that
famous coffee with crema

Sip it

Then, take a stroll
down the village lane

all the way
to the river

and back
home again.

Blow the Begonia blossoms
floating in the village fountain
a kiss!

Back home,
take that empty coffee cup

and go hide it
in the lavender.

Would you like
to dream of Provence
some more?

Click on this link,
->Living in Provence<- and lose yourself at Corey Amaro's "Tongue in Cheek" Enjoy! * Images and Text 12 August 2010 © by Merisi Repost


  1. Who'd have thought a coffee cup in lavender would have made such a great composition? :)

  2. Now thats a recipe I'd like to try ;) that village lane is so pretty! Sigh...

  3. Trotted off to see Provence-so many memories for me.

  4. I'm ok with the flour and the egg..finding George Clooney is more problematic...

    Beautiful cup btw

  5. Ahhhh...those wonderful cups...
    I remember the pink one.
    Never got to meet the bleu...
    Lucky you
    Lovely post M.

  6. OH MY Goodness Merisi, I am speechless, this is so very beautifully written!!!

  7. I want this cook book . . .

  8. Thank you all for your heartwarming comments!
    It is four o'clock in the morning and I am sitting over a series of photographs I shot over the last couple of days and I need to select four and create a cohesive series out of those. I am anything but happy with the results of my labour!

    Imagine then, how much fun it is to open the comments and read your kind words, balsam for my weary soul! I am aware that I need the challenges posed by the school assignments, to grow and learn, but it feels as if I am constantly through the wringer and there are (many!) days when I wonder if it is worth all that turmoil! Enough whining, back to work (after all, once I have finished this assignment, I can finally get back to the books and theory! *teehee*

  9. Oh those blue cups!
    And that photograph of Begonia...
    I can stare at it the whole night!

  10. That is an exquisite blue cup!

  11. Hey, where is my Apfel Strudel?? Did you eat it on your stroll and "forgot" to leave me a piece?
    Now it know why you called it Apfelstrudel-IN;)
    Good luck on your assignments.

  12. A lovely post to set the rest of my day. Thank you, Merisi.

  13. Lovely post, but I, too, am greedy for the promised apple strudel. Where did it go?

  14. Lovely!


  15. That's the kind of recipe I can follow with perfect results.
    Delightful pictures. I know that word is overused by me, but it fits your posts to a T.

  16. What a beautiful collection of images. I just love that colourful street. Sigh!

  17. Oh and those trees.. are just magnificent. I want to hug them.


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