Tuesday 9 November 2010

Viennese Escapes: Salzburg
Where The Hills Are Alive
Autumn Views From Mönchsberg

Salzburg Panorama
Old Town and Hohensalzburg Fortress
from Mönchsberg, "Monk's Hill"

A lift takes you swiftly
from Old Town Salzburg to
the top of Mönchsberg.
I captured the first image
only a few feet from the lift exit,
at the "Museum der Moderne".

I have wonderful childhood memories
of taking the old lift up to the top
on my grandfather's hand.
Riding on a lift itself was a great adventure
for me back then, even more exciting
was that my grandfather knew all the best spots
to listen to the spine-chilling "Everyman" call
reverberating from the hills when during festival time
Hugo von Hoffmannsthal's "Jedermann"
is performed on the outdoor stage
in front of Salzburg's cathedral.

Where in the days of my childhood the old-fashioned lift
spilled you out to glimpses of the glamorous world
of Salzburg Casino and coffee at the Grand Café Winkler,
nowadays the contemporary building
of the "Museum der Moderne" invites you to visit
its extensive collections or to restore yourself
at its restaurant and terrace café,
with a panoramic view of the city and surrounding mountains.

Afterwards, take a walk along the paths
of Mönchsberg hill to enjoy
the country-like scenery,
before heading back down
into Salzburg's Old Town.


in the late afternoon of
6 November 2010
Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Now I have a craving to twirl around and sing, "The hills are a-live..."!! Just gorgeous.

  2. The hills are alive..
    With the sound of music...

  3. yes for sure...so wonderful and lovely !! :) Have a great Tuesday!!

  4. Breathtaking!

  5. What an utterly stunning area. How do you pull yourself away from it?

  6. Wonderful ! Austria is a marvellous country, I love Wien and Saltzbourg is a romantic city. I dream to visit them on Christmas time. This Autunm photos are great.

  7. wow. truly beautiful photos merisi!

  8. Wonderful pictures! I was in Salzburg a long time ago and all I really remember is visiting the salt mine in nearby Hallein.

  9. wow, I know Salzburg so well but these pictures let it shine in a different angle! keep on shooting!


  10. Um, I want to go there. Right now.

  11. Such scenes always evoke the storyteller in me.

  12. I've only been to Salzburg in the hottest part of Summer, so it looks quite different. And we didn't get the chance to tour the way you did--I really missed out!

  13. Oh my, you have once again outdone yourself, for these images are glorious, absolutely breath taking and so welcoming~ I love all of them, very delightful series~

  14. Salzburg is so pretty. Sigh - I wish I could visit soon.

  15. Just a short greeting to thank you for all your wonderful comments! You made me smile, after a long exhausting day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!

  16. Salzburg looks like a page from a fairytale, so beautiful.

  17. Okay, these photos and this place....delish! It literally made my heart ache for wanting to walk through the hills.

  18. Beautiful images of a lovely city, and such warm childhood memories!

  19. Thank you for this, one of my favourite places on earth. There are so any happy memories here.

  20. Acornmoon,
    it does, indeed, feel like out of a fairytale!

    Salzburg is for walking, among many other beautiful things! ;-)

    I was so lucky to spend my childhood summers with my grandparents in Salzburg. I have the most vivid memories, walking through its streets I can even hear the music and noises from back then.

    who knows, we may have walked past each other,
    wouldn't that be a coincidence?

  21. Oh, to see these views in person. Maybe someday...

  22. Dear Merisi,
    Only for ten days of my life did I have the great pleasure of visiting Austria. It literally blew my mind. When we approached the mountains I sobbed for a combination of beauty and spirit. When we left, I sobbed to leave the beauty of the people too.
    Thanks for bringing the beauty to all!

    You are a fortunate girl~
    Because you live in a beautiful place.



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