Sunday 7 November 2010

Viennese Escapes: Salzburg
Morning Light Full Of Promise

Early Morning Heralds
Teasing shafts of stray sun rays
break through the thin cloud cover
and reflect off the verdigris dome of the cathedral -
welcome harbingers of one more golden autumn day
View of Salzburg's Old Town
from the right bank of
the Salzach river

Wrought Iron Guild Sign
Looking up from one of
the narrow lanes in the Old Town,
the timid morning light
armed with a palette of soft pastels

The white dome of the volière
framed by a new copper roof
against the morning sky
and Hohensalzburg Fortress
Gardens of Mirabell Palace


6 November 2010
Images and Text
Copyright by Merisi


  1. I love Wien, your wonderful city, your pictures are marvellous.
    A new french member of your blog !

  2. That first entry is a wonderful first showing, lovely image, warm tones~

  3. lovely; the gossamer signage buttressed by the domes

  4. Your pictures are truly unique, Merisi. The church could be anywhere,Spain, Italy, Mexico, save for the limpid light

  5. Love the tree branch framing on that first shot!

  6. The positive/negative space of the first one is excellent! So hard to achieve with a photo.

  7. The first image is stunning, especially when enlarged. And what is that pristine white dome (3rd image) made of? It looks delicate as paper! I envy you your beautiful autumn days.
    Here in England we are washed out by rain, though somehow we are still managing to go up in flames - drop by to see!

  8. Just like your other readers, I like your first picture...
    I love the 3rd shot as well !
    The white dome looks like a Tulle ball dress twirling on top of that roof along with others in the background...

  9. I have excellent memories of Salzburg. Thank you for these.

  10. SEND TICKET svp!
    I'm ready to escape

  11. I <3 the second shot!


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