Thursday 11 November 2010

Looking up
Stopping by Hans Hollein's
Haas House in late Afternoon

The late afternoon sun
illuminates the buildings
reflected in the glass façade of
Austrian architect Hans Hollein's
contemporary addition to Vienna's
venerable St. Stephen's Square

The Haas Haus
was built literally in the shadow
of Vienna's beloved "Steffl" -
St. Stephen's Cathedral -
causing a storm of controversy
in the late 1980s

I love walking
by the building, looking up
at the reflections which change with
every step,

coming closer
the reflected cityscape
paints the façade with a riot of colours,

square, marble-framed windows
capture smaller vignettes
as if they were paintings
by a modern master

in the late afternoon
of 3 October 2009


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. That house reflected in the panes of the building is just amazing. That's an awesome catch!

  2. I can see why it caused controversy. Maybe in three hundred years it will look more like part of the place.

  3. Charles Gramlich,
    that house is a whole story by itself!
    One day, I hope .... ;-)

    in my honest opinion it is a masterpiece,
    right here and now. :-)

  4. My favorite room in the summer there :-) Sz.István walked there myself and I feel like a king by magic girl :-))) Very cool photos of you did thanks :-)
    Welcome Ildi :-)

  5. Your reflective images are just yummy-


  6. It's a very interesting building but I think the cathedral is so much more beautiful.

  7. A wonderful series of shots, Merisi! I learn so much from your photography.

  8. Amazing photos! I especially love the one of the reflection of the buildings framed in the modern window pane.

  9. WOW!
    those vignetted reflections are like perfect little paintings...
    I love reflections!

  10. What a cool collection!


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