Wednesday 24 November 2010

Im Kaffeehaus:
Café Frauenhuber

In the Quiet
of the Early Morning

Café Frauenhuber

Magazines and Newspapers
Neatly stacked, waiting
for the first morning patrons

Choice seating
still available

The left window seat
is already taken

another corner table,
how about sitting here?

Would you rather
chose this cozy corner?

Under this table lamp,
you say?

The first Melange,
followed by another cup?

Café Frauenhuber
Vienna's Oldest Coffeehouse
Himmelpfortgasse 6

First published
November 2009

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Café Frauenhuber looks a nice place!
    I would love to be there...

  2. If I can't have a quiet morning I will at least have the quiet beauty of your photographs. (A little something to give 'Thanks' for.)
    Catherine xx

  3. I've spent many,many happy hours in this cafe and the table behind the lamp in photo #7 is my usual table!

    Thank you for giving me a moment of rest in this hectic day.

  4. The coffee houses in Vienna you show us are always so delightfully, tastefully civilised, not at all like the fast grab a coffee joints in the New World.

  5. I wish we had places like that here! If we do, I've never seen one! Someday ...

  6. I'll go coffee drinking with you any time, Merisi!

  7. time stands still there...

  8. This is SO civilized!
    And serene...
    I'm sure I would knock the spoon off the glass
    And the glass would break on the floor
    And the water would spill on someone's newspaper
    And a mouse would run out of the kitchen like it did in Hong Kong...
    Wait where am I?


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