Monday 25 October 2010

Urban Autumn
Quiet Sunday Morning
In Vienna's 7th District

Red Leaves
Adlerhof Courtyard
7th District

Red Chairs
Potted white birch
St. Ulrichs-Platz
7th District

The First Rays
of the morning sun
illuminate this quiet corner of
St. Ulrich-Platz
7th District


Sunday Morning
in the 7th District
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Oh my oh my oh my! I love this!

  2. Merisi, I love your recent posts.

    That pedestrian crossing photo was a gem. You probably know how we New Yorkers take the flashing red "Don't Walk" signs as a signal to run across intersections. Well, now the Don't Walk signal has a right hand column that has a second by second countdown of the time left before the flashing Don't Walk turns Really serious.

    So far, I do not detect any change in the walking, running habits of my neighbors. xo

  3. Wandering Star:
    Thank you! :-)


    Vicki Lane,
    A few sun rays made it through the thick high morning fog, luckily.

    how interesting, New Yorkers get a countdown at pedestrian crossings. I would be tempted to say "So New York!" were it not for the fact that I saw this for the first time in 2004 in Kiev. Ukraine!

  4. I just LOVE that first picture of yours !!!

    I DO find some poetry in the following 2.

    2 weeks ago I was in Versailles, I walked round the town (and not the castle, for once!)and took a picture of an empty café terrace, thinking : "Merisi would certainly love to see and shoot this". And I took the picture.
    Same in Montmartre last week : 1 "bistrot" terrace (with RED-caned armchairs)and 1 tea lounge one were empty (too early and not yet warmed up with the sun). I took the pictures of the 2, thinking of nothing but your own eye !!!
    Of course I did not try and work at the light !!!
    Those were only WINKS to you ...

  5. As always - beautiful images!
    I love those bushes with red stems that you sometimes see, too, but silver birches are my favourite for the elegant shape and the colour of the bark.

  6. very beautiful photos, are you a pro?

  7. Andre Veloux26 October, 2010

    Equally excellent. Love the red theme.

  8. Love the little bursts of red, harbingers of autumn.

  9. Very poetic, Merisi, not to mention, cheerful!

  10. Merisi, I also have to tell you, that all your pictures are great but the first one with red leaves is amazing!!
    Best regards, Alex

  11. Oh, excellent! all these lovely reds popping out in such delicate but fabulous glory.


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