Sunday 10 October 2010

Sunday Morning in the City

and smell the roses

watch the fountain
play with the morning light

have a Viennese Melange
at Demel's

take pictures
of people walking their dogs


What Merisi did
this morning
after getting
up early
to catch
the best light
when returning to
her beloved Rose Garden
in the Volksgarten Park
after what seemed
to her like ages
she had not had time
to go take a walk around town

I hope you all are having
a wonderful Sunday too!



  1. .. just beautiful .. perfectly captures what a Sunday morning should be ...

  2. Merisi, it was a gorgeous early autumn Sunday in New York, and a very good day to get outdoors early.

    The light that kept me company as I walked across Central Park to Fifth Avenue was tempting me to take out my camera. However, I knew that my camera's battery was possibly on lowering power, and I did want to get a few photos of the Spanish Columbus Day Parade.

    Battery lasted almost long enough. The contingents from Spain were celebrating the World Cup, and the group from Chile were wearing miners' hard hats to celebrate the imminent rescue.

    And...there were lots of dancers in traditional costumes, too.

    Alas, the camera would not revive.

    Best wishes!

  3. Sounds a near perfect day -- except for the batteries -- which reminds me...

  4. You had a perfect Sunday in Vienna!! Wish you a pleasant week!

  5. My Sunday was beauti-full, thank you !
    We're having summer in mid-October here too! Magical ...

  6. That rose is gorgeous!

  7. Love pictures with people walking their dogs. This one you took is very tender.

  8. Nice documentation of a pleasant Sunday morning!


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