Tuesday 12 October 2010

Sunday in the Park
Autumn in Vienna's Volksgarten

View from the Rose Garden
A giant plane tree and the Minoritenkirche -
Greyfriars or Minorite Church -
define the skyline

The Volksgarten Fountain
Anton Dominik Fernkorn's fountain
delights visitors of the Rose Garden section
of Volksgarten park since 1866

The Grillparzer Monument
Dedicated to Franz Grillparzer
(1791 - 1872)
one of Austria's
greatest playwrights

Sunday Morning
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Super photographs, Merisi. You've obviously been enjoying the late sunshine we've also had in the UK.

  2. Thank you, Martin,
    hearing this from you makes me feel really good!
    I am in a phase right now where I think I am not able to take decent pictures anymore. Everything seems pedestrian and somebody has done it already, but better, and I keep asking myself where oh where is "my style", the one my teachers keep expecting me to develop. I have not the slightest idea! Anyway, today I am sitting at my desk, trying to figure out more about converting RAW files and that makes me wish I were a painter instead! ;-)

    Looking out the window, a gorgeous autumn day,
    I am glad you are enjoying one too!

  3. Good grief, Merisi - I can't believe what you said there! You have a genuine gift for photography, one that most of the rest of us wish we could emulate. Your eye for the beauty in details is always evident, and you seem to capture the spirit of places in a way that makes us feel we are right there in the moment. Right now the only thing I want to do more than take a walk around the Volksgarten is wolf down that luscious apple strudel!

  4. I wish I could stroll through that peaceful park.

  5. Really lovely photographs ... and Volksgarten is very pretty right now.

    I want to try out working with raw files too, one day :)

  6. Beautiful - I just love the The Grillparzer Monument. :)


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