Monday 18 October 2010

Morning in the City
Coffeehouses Everywhere
In the City that Wakes Up With Coffee Melange

Café Opera
Under the arcades
State Opera Building

The Sacher
Behind the Opera

Café Mozart
Albertina Square
Around the corner from Sacher's

Café Tirolerhof
A minute's walk from Mozart's

Café Le Bol
Neuer Markt
A minute from Tirolerhof

In Vienna you could easily
walk by a hundred coffeehouses,
maybe even more,
in an hour's time. :-)

Well, that's what I said,
still new to Vienna,
back in September 2006,
gallivanting about town
with my trusty little Sony.
I still think
that there are more
than a hundred coffeehouses
in Vienna!

Blushing Peonies
One Sunday in May
at "Zum Schwarzen Kameel"


First published
in September 2006
Copyright by Merisi


  1. Blushing Peonies, so beautiful, and I want to sit in that top cafe' one day and have a Mocha~

  2. they all look so wonderful..wish we could get some real cafes in the US!!
    Have a most wonderful week!!

  3. Good morning,
    yes, so civilized, isn't it?
    I am in that neighbourhood right now,
    the historic Café Museum reopens this morning, after extensive rennovations. I got up an hour early to have time to enjoy breakfast here.
    A wonderful start into the week to all of you,

  4. http://7hills.blogspot18 October, 2010

    How lovely to be able to choose!
    The finer details are so elegant. I love the peonies.

  5. A city that celebrates coffee in such style is my kind of city! Thanks for your comments on my blog, Merisi, and for offering advice re accommodation. Sadly, I think we just picked a really busy weekend in Vienna, but will definitely re-plan a visit later in the year. Your blog has really inspired me!

  6. Hello
    Theese Coffeehouses are something from another world! You're a lucky person, you know!

  7. Ah. Wien. Kaffee. A little stop from the mad rush. How we miss it.

  8. I remember the Sacher and Caffe Mozart very well from our short visit 3 years ago. How time flies.

  9. And to think I make do with a mug of Japanese drip-coffee!

  10. That is what |I like , lots of cafes .. I am trying to get my husband to take me to Vienna .. if not I will have to find a travel partner for next year. ♥


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