Saturday 4 September 2010

To the Market

Saturday Morning
Walking to the
farmers market

I park my car
a couple of blocks
from the farmers market.
Yes, public transportation is great,
but I was looking for props
for a photo shoot

A street musician
doing his best
to lighten the mood
on an overcast morning -
the sun did come out,
later in the day,
but not without
a sudden downpour
before that, at noon

I haven't counted
the number of cafes around
Yppen Square, but there must be at least
half a dozen, and even though it was
a rather grey morning,
the outdoor tables were all taken
by customers who had already finished
their marketing

One shouldn't play favorites,
but this lady has taken
a big place in my heart.
I have never once seen her
not smiling and her flowers
are gorgeous through all the seasons

A red storefront
in a small side street,
just off Yppen Platz.
Yes, Vienna is a
multicultural city

I try to capture
the flowers in the shopping bag,
and the gentleman right behind
starts smiling and waving.
I approach him and
ask if he would like his picture taken -
smiles all around

An Early Bird's
wheely shopping cart,
filled with goods,
flowers included!
Most anybody leaves
with flowers too,
nourishment for the soul.
There are flowers galore,
from gardens tended by farmers,
on top of local vegetables and fruits,
breads, cheeses, meat and wine

Saturday Morning's
Farmers Market:
Yppen Platz

4 September 2010
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Another photographic shopping day to delight the senses...

  2. Awesome photos. It's like i was able to go shopping with you.

    An Arkies Musings

  3. That lady and her shot by you has taken a big place in my heart too! Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Was für eine traumhaft schöne Marktatmosphäre, wie ich sie liebe diese herrlich authentischen Marktszenen und das Bild der lächelnden alten Dame ist absolut umwerfend. Ein wunderschönes Wochenende für Dich mit lieben Grüßen,


  5. You bring the market alive in your pictures Merisi.

  6. I want to BE that flower lady!

  7. Lovely array. I adore the accordion player :)

  8. I love markets. You've captured the atmosphere wonderfully. Lovely pictures as always :)

  9. what great colors! Have a great Sunday !!

  10. These are all so special, and the flower lady does look so very charming and her smile is warm and precious~

  11. Merisi! :-) very good pictures done again today when a man of rare cutter flowers in your home :-)
    I wish you a pleasant Sunday!
    Ildi :-)

  12. Britt-Arnhild05 September, 2010

    Beautiful and filled with charm.

    Over the years I've become allergic to too much flowers indoors, luckily I can still go for roses and orchids :-)

    Have a happy Sunday.

  13. I love the musicians and the flower woman. Beautiful faces.

  14. Smiling flowers and flowering smiles make a beautiful day post !!!

  15. Is it really cool enough in Vienna to already be wearing a jacket? How I wish I were sitting around one of those outdoor tables, enjoying the sun and company of new friends.

  16. So cheerful, with all the flowers and bright colours! I can almost hear the music...

  17. So cheerful, with all the flowers and bright colours! I can almost hear the music...

  18. I love the pics! so natural! greta colors!Vivid images

  19. I love walking with you and your camera through the streets of Vienna, Merisi. You always find beauty in the simplest of things ... and in people along the way.

  20. Are you on the Department of Tourism's payroll yet! You make me want to hop on a plane!

  21. I like such pictures of every-day life


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