Sunday 8 August 2010

Sunday's Window

Sunday Morning
Rose of Sharon


on my


Thanks to
Sue of "A Brush With Color"
I now know the name
of this flower -
click on the leaf
to see Sue's blog!

© 2010 by Merisi


  1. It's a hibiscus. A double-hibiscus to be exact. Usually they grow in tropical climates so I'm very surprised you found one. Love the simplicity of your blog and the photos.

  2. ... Yes, hibiscus .. a Rose of Sharon would never bloom on such a small plant. Beware not to rotate the pot, or the buds will fall off. Enjoy .. beautiful.

  3. Rose of Sharon and hibiscus are quite similar and probably related. Here in the North Carolina mountains, Rose of Sharon (single blooms) grows like a weed. Hisbiscus would have to be brought inside for the winter.

    Whatever you have, it's beautiful. And the shot of the leaf is the best of all!

  4. So glad to have discovered your blog. I am so hoping to visit Vienna one day. Your pictures are beautiful... thank you

  5. I DO think yours is a hibiscus, Merisi. They are very similar, but ours blooms literally as a tree. I love this--you're very sweet to link your flower. Your photos are exquisite, as always. Isn't that beautiful, so translucent the way the sun literally comes through these.

  6. Well, whatever it is, I love these shots, especially the single leaf. Beautiful eye candy with coffee Sunday morning.....thanks!

  7. Hi Merisi, I love the way you have capture the hibiscus with the backlighting. It is very effective.
    I have enjoyed your other posts as well.
    I love the way you portray Vienna. It looks like such a romantic city with a colourful history.

  8. A very charming window, beautiful flower, and I love that little collection of glass on the windowsill too!

  9. Whatever it is, you captured it beautifully! I love how the backlight blows through the petals and leaves....what a talent you have with that camera, Merisi.
    Happy Sunday,

  10. Thank you all for your kind comments and to Anonymous for correcting my mistake in misnaming the flower!

  11. Stunning capture with backlighting, Merisi. It was good to see you over at my blog again. Thanks. Have a wonderful week. Jo

  12. Merisi, this is one of your posts that just seems to call out to many parts of the globe.

    I clicked over to tell Sue that I do remember my mom having a Rose of Sharon in her Virginia garden.

    Vicki Lane had added more good info from North Carolina.

    Here in New York... all this makes me long for a garden.

    Best wishes.

  13. Very lovely and delicate.

  14. Delightful photos Merisi!
    Commentors are so hel[ful vwhen it comes to names of plants...

  15. What a lovely way to view the world outside your window, Merisi ... it's absolutely stunning. I love your "frazzled" little fellow in today's post, too. He's adorable!


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