Tuesday 31 August 2010

Postcards from Geneva:
Old Town Delights

A Hairdresser's
welcome mats

The Hairdresser
This hairdresser's salon
looked like an antiquarian's storefront,
filled with antique furniture
and precious books

Courtyard, a few doors down
from the hairdresser

Le Boël Café
Rue de la Tour-de-Boël

It Is Not Easy
Being Green

"What now?
Coffee, anyone?"

in the cobble stone streets
of old town

August 2010
© by Merisi


  1. Waauuuuu! Gratuliere tolle Bilder., Fantastisch!Ich liebe diese Bilder.Klasse echt Toll!!!I love the picture at hairdresser! Künstlerisch!!!

  2. beautiful, Merisi--what a charming hairdresser.

  3. Colores,
    Aren't those seat cushions so inviting?
    I wished I'd had the time to sit down!

    thank you!
    Indeed, a hairdresser to remember! ;-)

  4. I love it. I want to be there.

  5. Juju,
    I wished I were there too, now (it is raining cats and dogs in Vienna today)!

  6. I wonder if it is important that one cushion is at right angles to the other three?

  7. Merisi, you have given me a delightful tour of several countries this morning, as I caught up with your recent posts.

    I could feel that Italian thunderstorm's arrival. You captured that air magnificently.

    Each cup of coffee I have just seen here looked very delicious, as did the pastries.

    Thank you for letting us know that those beautiful flowers are growing in an area in which not all has always been so beautiful.

    And...Switzerland does have its very own personality. Your photos of the hair salon and environs revealed a lot of the imagination of the folks who work and live nearby.

    Thank you so much for my morning's European holiday! xo

  8. I love the "framed" picture--so Magritte-like!And who wouldn't wish to patronize that hairdresser. The cushions look so inviting.

  9. are those gas cans at the bottom?

  10. Charles Gramlich,
    not that I asked, but I think those are gas cans, indeed!
    Hanging out all alone there. ;-)

  11. How lovely to see the old town again.It is ingrained in my emory for the wonders of the patisserie on the ground floor of the little hotel we stayed in. We walked its cobbled streets with joy. Even the children who were quite small then, still remember the pain aux chocolat.

  12. What a great shot of that frame! Your photos always make me feel like I'm on vacation ... thank you!

  13. What now, coffee of course, and what kind did you have, something frothy and decadent, strong and bold, or something sweet and spicey with a little whipped topping.

  14. How did you manage that frame? Surreal!

  15. Vicki Lane,
    that frame is for real, a giant gilded frame standing right there in the courtyard in front of the portal! ;-)

  16. Sollten wir uns in Genf verpasst haben? Ich könnte es mir nicht verzeihen. Ganz lieben Dank für diese Fotos, die Heimweh aufkommen lassen.
    Beste Grüsse


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