Thursday 5 August 2010

Coffee, Anyone?

The Viennese Way
Coffee Melange
on a silvery tray
with a glass of water

"... it must be said
that the Viennese coffeehouse
is a particular institution
which is not comparable
to any other in the world.
As a matter of fact,
it is a democratic club
to which admission costs
the small price of a cup of coffee.
Upon payment of this mite every guest
can sit for hours on end,
discuss, write, play cards,
receive his mail, and,
above all, can go through
an unlimited number
of newspapers and magazines
." *

Café Hawelka
Dorotheergasse 6
1010 Vienna

6 August 2009
© by Merisi

* Stefan Zweig, "The World of Yesterday"
(c) Viking Press 1943


  1. All your photos are gorgeous, but this first one is so nice. It looks fabulous in the thumbnail size on my blogroll, too.

  2. I wish for the luxury of time to idle in this perfection.

  3. Juju,
    my favorite place is the middle table by the window, with a view of this Klimt poster.

    thank you!
    I went and looked and it is quite interesting to see how the Blogger people frame these first images differently from the originals.

    Butternut Squash,
    believe me, it is not easy for a newcomer like me to learn the ways of the Viennese. I still haven't figured out how they manage to give this impression of time not existing for them. ;-)

  4. My favorite is the image with the view of Gustav Klimt!
    I'd sit there and wonder what her body is projecting!
    I am not familiar with this particular woman but I am going to assume she has red hair?
    (Oh forgive me if I'm wrong!)

  5. What a pretty picture...
    Sparkling really...
    I clicked and got Lipanssanner horses...
    Do horses drink coffee?

  6. Arguably the height of civilization. And I'd wondered about that timeless trick...

  7. So beautiful. I like the Klimt, too.


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