Tuesday 6 July 2010

Rainy Day Rose and a Count's Estate

the early bird
a rainy day rose

under a sky
threatening rain

over the city
and its rolling vineyards

and the sheltering roof
of a count's 18th Century palace

Schloss Wilhelminenberg
Photographed this morning

Wilhelminenberg Palace was built
in the 18th Century as a hunting lodge
by Count Lascy

Its beautiful grounds
offer one of the must beautiful views
of the city of Vienna
16th District

© 2010 by Merisi


  1. Wow, that hillside of wild flowers is just stunning. I could lie down there and rest for a while.

  2. I love the 2 roses acting like parentheses around this beautiful post.

  3. A beautiful view, indeed! One expects Julie Andrews to come whirling through that hillside meadow, singing her little heart out.

  4. Hey, brilliant shots of cumulonimbus clouds there Merisi, they look pregnant with hail and thunder!

  5. Amazing shot of the storm... I was sheltering in Strudlhofgasse at the time.

  6. What romantic notions this post awakens. Were you te Count's sleeping beauty to be roaming the grounds so early in the morning?

  7. Gorgeous color!!! So yummy and luscious! As always!

  8. Simply gorgeous ... as usual!

  9. Glorious--even the storm-threatening sky.

  10. Like I've said before, you are Queen of the roses! What a beautiful color. And the first sky shot, so many shades of grey. Just lovely! You beat me to my visit to you today and read my post on my site. Your photos are not only inspiring, but take me away to a far away place every day. During the school season, your site is my 5 minute secret get-away from the craziness that can sometimes be an elementary school. For your beautiful photos, your sharing of wonderful words, and for your friendship.....thank you, Merisi.
    You did inspire me to pick up my camera and to look at the world around me in a different way. We leave for New Orleans this weekend and I've got my camera ready to go. It's be 19 years since I lived there and I'm looking forward to seeing it through the lens of my camera.....and that's because of you.

  11. How do those flowers make that colour?
    I was just in the mood for some beautiful pink today.
    (love those chairs, too - back on the 3/7)

  12. Beautiful flowers, and rain makes everything so fresh after.

  13. The surrounding of the house looks romantic. Flowers and beautiful view is an added advantage

    Chesterfield Va real estate

  14. Great photo´s!Thank you that you will crossing your fingers today evening for the german team!

  15. were there any suicides at this schloos like the movie Audrey Hepburn played in with Mel Ferrer?
    Oh this heat has my brain addled..even though I've stayed in most of the day...
    Longing for ice creammmmmmmm.

  16. The estate is exquisite as are your photos.

  17. You always take my breath away with your pictures. The one of the rose is gorgeous


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