Wednesday 28 July 2010

Eine Kleine Regenmusik
Viennese Summer Showers

Carriage Lantern
Catching the first drops

Mozart at Michaelertor
Umbrella to the rescue!

Run, Viola Run!
Instrument saved, musician wet

Defying the Downpour
Fiaker Lantern at Michaelerplatz

Quick, Save the Violin!
All musicians getting wet

The Lantern Turning Reflective
While everybody else is seeking shelter

Heading Down Kohlmarkt
To the nearest refuge

High and Dry at Demel's

Eine kleine Kanne Tee?
A large pot of tea, anyone?


This is a re-post!
Originally published
16 August 2007
with my little Sony Cybershot

Images and text
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. No, it is not raining in Vienna today!
    The sun is shining and I am very busy, so I decided to republish an old post. I do get quite nostalgic, looking at them (I only go back to my archive when I am thinking about republishing or looking for some specific picture). I still remember the moment, standing there under my umbrella and shooting with that beloved little Sony Cybershot. Photographs really help to hold on to the moment. dont't they?

    A beautiful day to all of you, blue skies,
    with a bit of relieve for those of you who have been suffering from a relentless heat wave,

  2. I cannot imagine a better place to shelter than Demel... marvellous post.

  3. Thank you, Gavin!

    I don't know if the pictures explain well enough why the musicians are in shirtsleeves: With the first raindrops falling, they took off their jackets to cover their instruments! True love. ;-)

  4. Love the "lantern turning reflective"

  5. You weren't taking bad pictures even in those days ;-)

  6. Charles Gramlich,
    thanks! *smile*

    Seattle Boy,
    thank you!
    I hope to be there again, one fine day, when a summer storm lets lose over Michaelerplatz! ;-)

  7. Yes, I would like some tea;). Such a great post, love the rainy images, and Mozart is my favorite composer, love classical music, especially his work~

  8. Regenmusik is music indeed! If it were to happen on these hot dry days it would be a wonderful relief!

    And I can just imagine being high and dry and cozy in Demel's at a table with that view...enjoying my "can" of tea...

    Thanks for the referral to Mallie...I went visiting and loved it.

  9. Oh dear...I did not pay close attention to Maalie's spelling....I think I did the same on his blog...I must go apologize.

  10. Very enticing post on Vienna!
    Love the reflective lanterns...
    Love ALL of it
    Especially the Demel sign...
    My trip to Maine got me thinking I must venture outside of Paris occasionally for Heaven's sake!

  11. The second photo is AMAZING!!!

  12. Hopefully by now they got mozart a gold or yellow umbrella :)

  13. I immediately realized that they were protecting their prized possessions--the instruments. Lovely!

  14. A perfect day to enjoy a melange!

  15. A charming suite of photos!

  16. Thank you all for your kind comments!


    did you notice that Mozart's umbrella was fashioned out of sheet music?

    Unfortunately, I have not yet seen Mozart himself around town this summer.

  17. Anonymous29 July, 2010

    Loved this, and your wonderful sense of humour...matching perfectly your composers eye.

  18. Hope you are not too busy to be enjoying summer and visiting Demel's! I promise to come back soon, but for now I am still hiding in Maine enjoying the blueberries and the cooler weather.

  19. "Run, Viola, Run!"...Haha, you crack me up! :-)

  20. Demel seems like the best place in the world to take refuge. Poor Mozart- can't help but wonder what happened to those powdered wigs in the rain!


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