Wednesday 30 June 2010

We Have Run out of Clean Plates
and Had to Raid Grandma's Pantry!

Was it
only yesterday

that a reader

on David
Leibowitz's blog

"This new Paris trend

of serving
in canning jars

Well, look at these pictures -
my lunch today - Viennese chefs are also
happily recycling Grandma's canning jars,
giving them top billing at their tables!

Photographed at
Hollmann Salon

Images and Text © 2010 by Merisi


  1. It looks like a delicious lunch no matter what i was served in or on.

  2. Arija,
    yes, it was very good food!
    A friend treated me, it was my birthday lunch,
    only a bit late, I had birthday eons ago, but both she and I have been so busy those past few months, we managed to "do lunch" only today.

  3. That made me smile ;-) I used to use canning jars (we call them Kilner jars in England) to delouse small birds in my research. Not only did I clean out Grandma's pantry but also the forgotten cellars of various hardware shops!
    Great pictures again, thank you!

  4. What a lovely lunch-- completely charming! We are all part of one huge thought form.

  5. These are so pretty!
    I love your food shots.

  6. He he he I don't know why when I read David's post I immediately thought of you...

    Ciao Merisina

  7. Everything old is new again. It was an old Maritimes habit("old" being a relative term) to drink beer from canning jars, but that was more of a question of necessity and hardship than of being fashionable. This new/old greenish tinged glassware looks lovely in your photos--but then, what doesn't look lovely in a photograph made by Merisi?

  8. Yes, but these look ever-so-much more chic than the old jars I have in the back of my cabinets. Cool shots, Merisi!

  9. And in the right setting? They are simply extraordinary! And your photos are as well! What a treat to have lunch with you ;-) You always do put out a gorgeous spread! Love, Janine XO

  10. Fantastic looking lunch! I'm not sure I'd have noticed what it was served in.

  11. I love that trend--it's so nostalgic, and creative--and if it reminds me of good foods from the past in our kitchens, so be it! They look beautiful, and I'll bet they were delicious, too!

  12. Oh, heavens, I grew up drinking from Mason jars and jelly jars. Funny how something that was considered so "low" is now deemed to be chic. LOL!

  13. Very interesting trend. The only time we have been served drinks in jars is a a Western style restaurant for BBQ.
    The salad looks quite lovely in the jar.

  14. All your photos are beautiful, Merisi, and these give me another opportunity to send you birthday wishes.

    All the same, I would so much prefer to have a fresh salad presented horizontally, let those leaves, etc, relax a bit. Like a landscape, not a portrait.


  15. There is something very refreshing
    about the first image. It's delectable!
    Grandma's pantry is the best!

  16. It sure makes for an attractive setting though. Those cherry tomatoes looks so luscious. And that cake? ... I should just go have breakfast. ;)

    I love that Viennese coachman a few posts back.. it's perfect!

  17. The glasses my mother used to give us Kool-Aid in have become trendy. Mom was always ahead of her time.

  18. canning jars instead of plates, pretty cute idea. Except I would draw the line if they want to just use our hands next ;)

  19. Dear Merisi,
    I think gorgeous food like this does not need expensive or ornate dishes! Let the food, in its taste and look, do the talking!!

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!


  20. Such great pictures! I ´m in love with them!!!!!!!!!!


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