Sunday 2 May 2010

Viennese Escapes

Countryside near Halbturn
50 miles southeast of Vienna
Neusiedl am See


1 May 2010
© 2010 by Merisi

Clicking on -->
Once Upon A Coffee Break
will take you to
Schloss Halbturn,
which was once upon a time
a hunting and summer residence
for the imperial family


  1. I am escaping to Halaburt-hurn today
    AND I am bringing my healthy soup with me like it or not!
    HMPH/HUMPH (sp)

  2. *giggles*
    I am looking forward to your visit!
    Healthy soup is always welcome, but who know, maybe I can tempt you with something else while we are out in the country? Wait and see! :-)

  3. Thank you Merisina for your lovely and heartwarming comment over at my place. Puglia bites deep, I hear you. How about the cracked raw sea urchins sold by the hundreds along the Savelletri coast? Oh, yes baby!

    And as far as asparagina foraged early Sunday morning for frittata, have you ever tasted it with added mentuccia? Addiction.

    Don't mean to rub it in, but I'll be visiting the Caravaggio show next week... Do you hate me?

    Un abbraccio
    E xx

  4. Eleonora,
    Caravaggio will be our downfall! :-)))
    Would you be so kind and have a look at the catalogue, if it worth ordering it? I'd be ever so grateful! Abbraccione xxx

  5. Mentuccia, Eleonora?
    Don't even mention it!
    I bought small young artichokes from the Veneto region this morning and was thinking of mentuccia right there. Serendipity? (I have some dried one from Mauro at the Campo de' Fiori market, but it does not come close to the real thing.)

  6. A beautiful place to escape to. Would love to escape to somewhere like that right now.

  7. Lovely lines and pure colors in your picture! And all this talk of food in the comments has me quite jealous...

  8. Yes, the pure blue of that sky is a fresh wave, a fresh wind current through the mind.

  9. Links to ELEONORA's blogs:

    Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino (where we had that conversation about food in Apulia earlier this morning),

    Roma Every Day - her newest blog-child, images of my beloved old hometown Rome,

    Forchettine, in Italian.

    Buon divertimento!

  10. Loree,
    I'll have more pictures a little later on!

    Vicki Lane,
    have a look at Eleonora's blogs,
    you'll feast your senses! ;-)

    Margaret Benbow,
    I love that landscape, so uplifting!

  11. P.S.:
    The images enbiggiates when clicked upon! ;-)
    Just be careful and don't get lost.

  12. Beautiful field of yellow flowers!

  13. Looks like yu are surrounded by rapeseed too.


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