Friday 2 April 2010

Viennese Evensong

Looking Up
from Freyung Square

Palais Kinsky and the steeple
of Schottenkirche (Scottish Church)

Notice how the sky and the clouds
changed colour?
A cold front was moving in,
the wind was rising, its sudden strong bursts
swept the clouds up and about in
rapid succession,
the light mutated from a cool grey
to warm yellow and gold,
as if trying to match the colour
of Palais Kinsky's façade.
I watched the drama in the sky,
spellbound, and could feel
the cooler air moving in,
and with every burst of wind
the temperature fell more and more,
and I started to feel like a leaf
exposed to the elements

I turned around
and took this picture
of Palais Harrach
illuminated by the last golden rays
of the dying evening sun

The chandeliers
are lit,
and the sun has set,
its pink afterglow
still reflected
for a while longer
in the window glass

1 April 2010
at Freyung Square
© by Merisi


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  1. Good morning!
    Clicking on the pictures will enbiggiate them and show the beautiful light in more detail.

  2. For those who are interested in such information
    (I often get asked by email about my cameras):

    I took the first image with my little LUMIX because I could zoom in. All other pictures were taken with my Nikon D80 and the Nikkor 83mm Macro lens.

    The first and the last picture were taken from the same spot, I did not move. The only difference was the lens, the first with the zoom and the last with the macro.

    I love my Nikon D80. I hope it lasts a little while longer (I have taken tens of thousands of pictures already and they say that by 100,000 one should expect a digital camera to start failing).

    Those of you who are contemplating a Nikon,
    the newer D90 is a far better model than my old D80. Good luck, if you get to own one!

    That said, I am a strong believer in the pocket camera, especially my Lumix (hey, they got a Leica - yes, that Leica - lens, what more can one dream off?) which starts at less than 170 $, really a bargain considering how much it offers (no, they don't give me a cent, which is a beauty, that way I am free to say what I want).

    Best wishes and good picture hunting to all of you who love to do it,

  3. Tranquility personified.

  4. Btw,
    I was there at Freyung Square to capture the "Old-Fashioned Viennese Easter Market" taking place there. Well, I caught a few eggs, but I am not really enthusiastic about Kitsch and commercialism invading the Easter spirit. I love the way Austrians decorate their "Easter Trees", a few branches of Forsythia oder Cherry in a vase, with a few empty eggs hand-painted either by artistically inclined adults of the family, often by the children, plus a few folk-art ones, loving memories of places where they were found. I can't bring myself to go and buy what was once folk art and is now mass-produced.

    I shall go and dig in my Easter box, and hope what my then very little ones painted over the years has survived another year. Tomorrow, at the farmer's market I shall get a few branches, and then my eyes shall feast on the gifts my children gave me.

    Happy Easter to all of you,

    I thank you for still visiting my little blog and leaving comments that truly warm my heart, each and every time and every single one. I appreciate them all immensely, more than I can express. Thank you all!

  5. Lady MacB,
    yes, thank you for those words,
    they express what I felt all of a sudden in the middle of a very busy Easter Market scene!
    Happy Easter to you,

  6. Dizzying beauty! The light is so wonderful!

    And I second everything you say about the Lumix and the Nikon! I'm loving my D90!

  7. Vicki Lane,
    I was awestruck,
    watching that heavenly spectacle.

    A wordsmith like you
    notices such creations, *giggles*!

    I encountered it for the first time on Steph's "Incurable Insomniac" blog. Infact, I am pretty sure she created it:
    Click her for Incurable Insomniac's blog!

  8. MON DIEU!!!
    What lighting!

  9. I keep flirting with your LUMIX...
    But I can call up Canon and ask how to open the box it came it-perfect for simpletons.

  10. Hello Merisi.. beautiful photos as usual, I just love coming over here and seeing such delights . Thank you .

  11. Paris Breakfasts,
    I certainly would stay with a camera I am happy with!
    A new one needs time to get used to, they all have their little idiosyncrasies one need to get to know before taking fully advantage of their abilities.

    I have started to read the manual of mine (the Nikon).
    Gosh, that is really useful!
    Who'd have thunk? ;-)

  12. The chandeliers are scrumptious!

    Happy weekend, Merisi!

  13. The light is so beautiful, I love it now when light is suddenly flooding over all the fantastic things to see! Fantastic photos!

  14. Those photos are all so beautiful! I especially like how they all share the same color palate, which really serves to tie them all together. Nicely done :)

  15. That image of the lit chandelier behind the majestic window gave me chills. So beautiful!

    Also, thank you Merisi for swinging by and leaving your kind comment over at my wine column at italyMONDO!

    Ciao e Buona Pasqua!
    Eleonora xx

  16. Many Thanks for the most enjoyable views of the world Merisi
    and wishing you a very Happy Easter!

    I'm now off to lop a small twiggy branch of a tree by the road so the children can decorate it when they get home from school...much blowing of eggs and designing is planned :0)

  17. I love the 6:51 image as well as the chandelier lit, the warmth of them is warm and comfortable. Thanks for the info on your camera. I use a Nikon D-90. great cameras...both. Happy Easter~

  18. Lovely effect of light in each of the photos, Merisi.

  19. Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter xx Gypsy Purple

  20. Your drama in the sky is stunning. thanks for sharing .
    May you have a blessed Easter and enjoy your Easter box treasures.

  21. You have no shortage of inspiration to pull from, living as you do, surrounded by all these elegant buildings! I particularly loved the chandalier shot with the pink sunset in the frame - what an eye you have for a great photograph. Happy Easter hon, hope it is a good one.

  22. Oh, the golden light in these photos, Merisi! Like a painting. Just gorgeous.


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