Tuesday 27 April 2010

Red and the City

Red Leather Strap
and wool blankets

Fiaker coach in the shade of
St. Stephen's Cathedral

Red Poppies
Chanel in gilded burlap look

No Red?
Still, Mozart lived here,
in the grey house at Domgasse 5
View from

All Aboard
City tour in fire engine red

Not a Potted Plant
but a red marzipan rose
handmade at Demel's Pâtisserie


25 April 2010
Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. I love the picture with the red flowers, they look so natural although I am expecting they are not:)

  2. It is pleasure to visit your blog. Always so refreshing! Thanks for comments on my blog, I was too busy to even check mine and so sorry for not visiting yours lately. Well today I have some time, and...here I am! :)

  3. Red is a favorite color of mine ... in all its variations. Thank you, Merisi, for this sampling.

    The Chanel poppies are quite splendid; however, you won't be surprised to hear that I prefer Demel's roses!

    Best wishes. xo

  4. Beautiful as always! I've missed your pictures during my blogging sabbatical. That fire engine looks so cool. I love it up against those neutral buildings.

  5. The utter perfection, whimsy, and beauty of the marzipan roses, as well as the elegant presentation seem to sum up Vienna for me. Of course, I only know Vienna through your photos ...

  6. Well it seems that RED is a contagion-it's everywhere!
    How can that be?
    Love the RED tulips from Demel..

  7. Such exquisite details!
    I linked to you today.

  8. Such exquisite details!
    I linked to you today.

  9. Oh no, Merisi, that mysterious woman totally stole my look!
    She even wore my noir nail polish!

    Seriously, I want to adorn myself with those brilliant red poppies!
    There is just something retro (and of course romantic) about red poppies.

  10. Love that Chanel with the bright red poppies, and the marzipan--I made marzipan fruits one Christmas and they were great fun to make, and the smell was fabulous. Wonderful photos, comme toujours.

  11. Dear Merisi!

    Am a fellow Vienna-lover (and inhabitant!) and have been watching your blog for some time! Lovely pictures today, and I really liked the past post about the crockery from the Naschmarkt! Looking forward to more news from you, and so nice to be able to finally post on your wall (finally, that is, that I have a Vienna blog of my own too, something I have wanted to try for quite a bit now)!

    Take care and, maybe, bump into you someday on the streets of Vienna!


  12. I can almost taste that red marzipan rose.

  13. Red is my FAVORITE color...so you can well imagine how I feel about this post! Gorgeous...as for the photo of Mozart's home? I think I spy a red roof in that shot... :-) So you have done it all perfectly! AS ALWAYS! ~Janine XO

  14. Like that slight bend in the Dom Gasse. Guess Mozart's house is a museum now?

  15. But there is red in the Domgasse photo. Red roof tiles.


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