Tuesday 6 April 2010

Coffee Dreaming

Some Mornings
find you like this:
Looking at the world through a window,
Pretending to meditate
While losing yourself

In the depth of
Your Caffè Macchiato
At a small neighborhood cafè,

When all of a sudden,
The morning begins to move and
The world rolls by
On wheels

Leaving you behind,
With only the clank
Of the streetcar
Still in the air.


Photographed at and near
"Naber Kaffee"
Wiedner Hauptstrasse 40

4th District (Wieden)
6 April 2008
© by Merisi


  1. Me me me! I want to join you :)

  2. @ Juju,
    and you would not mind if the streetcar left you behind, staring into the empty cup? ;-)

    @ Vicki Lane,
    life's stranger than fiction, isn't it? ;-)

  3. the world starts moving again after the Easter holidays :).

  4. YAY!
    I've just begun to imbibe in aa serious, dedicated manner, so I'm really appreciating the gorgeous visual stimulus...

  5. Oh lovely. I live to see things like this, coffee in hand or not. With that, I shall go back to the stove-top moka & brew some more. Cheers.

  6. coffee puts me to sleep.
    I gave up coffee a long time ago.

  7. These days Vienna is just about the only place I drink coffee! Once you've drunk coffee there, it really doesn't taste the same anywhere else. (And by Vienna really I mean the Braunerhof!)

  8. Some days I would like to sit down, never leave.........coffee, then one more, one more, one more......

  9. Merisi, thank you for visiting my Easter views. I'm glad you liked that view of the plaza. The Park Ave. tulips should be showing their stuff soon.

    What beautiful flowers you found and photographed at the market. And those shiny Red eggs are remarkable.

    Now. On to coffee. That neighborhood cafe would be a place I would want to enter. That speeding advert on the tram adds something to the morning, for sure. However, I think that coffee in Vienna is not just about velocity, it is also about style, grace, tradition, appreciation.

    May I say that your posts also feature these features? xo

  10. now that interesting paint scheme for a street car.

  11. How dumb am I. I thought it was a rolling Ikea store, not an ad on a streetcar--sheesh! (Need. More. Coffee.) Excellent!

  12. I love your description of the street car. It really 'speaks' to me.

  13. I couldn't figure out exactly what I was looking at until I scrolled down. I love the streetcars/trams of Europe.

  14. The final photo is taken outside the Hotel Papageno, where I stayed last May.

  15. Anonymous25 July, 2010

    Here and so too happens:)


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