Sunday 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday

A few images
before the hungry
guests sat down
to eat


  1. Is there any left?
    I'm late!!!!
    said the Mad Hatter...

  2. Oh how jealous you are making us here in Edinburgh, with your spring and your Viennna!

  3. Oh how I wish I had been a guest at this breakfast!

  4. A most beautiful and civilized Easter breakfast! The fringed tulip is especially beautiful!

  5. Merisi, the light evident in each of those pictures would encourage everyone to want to join you for breakfast in Vienna. What a very special, welcoming breakfast you have served!

    Best wishes. xo

  6. Splendid. I hope you had a lovely day.

  7. Was für ein geschmackvoller, frühlingsheller und ungemein freundlicher Frühstückstisch! Zauberhafte Bilder zum Verlieben -

    frohe Ostern für Dich,


  8. Ahhh, the fresh rosy colors in the spring bouquet and the pretty breakfast china and braided bread...the eye, not just the stomach, is pleased.

  9. Thank you all! :-)

    Easter breakfast has always been special at our home. I love to use the Gmundner hand-painted dishes (with the green rim and the Streublumen, the tiny flowers strewn here and there ), for the cheery colour pattern they set, but also for the wide shallow teacups that allow the tea to cooler faster around the rim. The old gold-rimmed teapot is a more recent find - 15 Euros! - from a second hand shop (a weakness of mine, teapots, as are various creamers, milk jugs, I "collect", but only when they are a bargain). The yellow IKEA paper napkins have become a tradition too. Since we moved to Vienna, the table flowers come from the farmers' market at Yppen Square.

    I think I have never cooked a proper Easter Sunday dinner, the ample breakfast is always followed by an "Osterspaziergang", a long walk or hike that lasts into the late afternoon and then nobody wants to slave in the kitchen anymore. When the children were smaller, we often ended up in a Chinese restaurant (others being closed). Yesterday, we made Vietnamese Summer rolls, with shrimp, cucumbers and mango. Everybody was happy.
    The lamb rests in the freezer for another day. ;-)

    Easter Monday is a holiday here. Not bad, I quite like that the Austrians take an extra day to relax (after all, shops are closed since Saturday at 6pm!).

    A wonderful week to all of you,

  10. Happy Easter, Merisi!
    I can just repeat: such wonderful breakfast!
    Thanks for sharing it!

  11. I love the table setting and the brightly colored eggs. How nice. How beautiful. :)

  12. The most beautiful Easter breakfast I have ever seen, Merisi. What a pleasure it would be to sit at your table. Happy Easter Monday.


  13. What a lovely table you set for your family and guests! Everything looks so bright and inviting. These are BEAUTIFUL photographs!
    Happy Easter, Merisi........

  14. Oh how you spoil your guests!
    Love the teapot!!

  15. Such a beautiful Easter table! Thank you, Merisi, for your good wishes for Easter. I have been remiss in responding, but I do appreciate it.

  16. What a visual delight! Thanks Merisi, once again.


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