Saturday 6 March 2010

Viennese Escapes:
Morning at the Red House by the Lake

South Tyrol
Alto Adige

September 2009
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. We're on the same wave length, Merisi -- I have a couple of red buildings in my post for tomorrow.

    This looks like a lovely place to spend some dolce far niente time.

  2. That opening picture is just breathtaking, Merisi.

  3. Well Merisi, this post and the three that preceded it have such variety. And yet, I can easily tell that they all came from your eye and hand and wit.

    Each one is a treasure to savor.

    Thank you for helping me to believe that the heaviness of winter is disapearing, and that spring's lightness is more that just a lengthening number of daylight hours.


  4. Yes, these posts are all fabulous!

    This one is so peaceful ... I actually let out a huge exhale ... Thank you Merisi for the reminder to breathe!


  5. The coming in fog is beautiful ,but I'm glad I'm not in it!

  6. Such beautiful countryside, captured so charmingly.

  7. Vicki Lane,
    I spent the last few days from morning to night either in lecture halls or photo labs and felt a need of something bright and outdoorsy after I came home Saturday night. I drove the 50 miles home through a snow storm, almost a whiteout.

    it was even more beautiful being there!
    At first, I drove by the building, but then I decided to turn around and stop.

  8. Frances,
    I am glad it also lifted your spirits and hope, not only mine! :-)

    This was Indian Summer at the foot of the Dolomites, the part of the Alps that runs through part of what was the Austrian South Tyrol until the end of the First World War, when the Austrian province of Tyrol was split up and the southern part became Italian.

  9. Cobalt Violet,
    thank you!
    It was a very peaceful setting, indeed: I could have stayed there for more than the hour or so I gave myself (I was on my way towards La Spezia, and wanted to arrive there before nightfall).

    Jeannette St. Germain,
    the clouds and fog were slowly lifting!
    This was quite early in the morning, after a night of heavy rainfail, the air was very clear and the sun worked her way through the layers and illuminated the valley.

    Wandring Star,
    thank you, it was a special moment in time! :-)

  10. i
    l o n g
    to go
    to the dolomites.


    i have now arrived.
    {{ thank you }}

  11. This is what i call as real beauty !! Simply beautiful and amazing !!

  12. I love the simple shots that you shared with us. Red buildings always beg to be photographed. Makes me want to pack my bags and just go to a quiet place and be lazy.

  13. So moody. I love fog. How beautiful it looks with this lovely red building. You've captured it beautifully.

  14. What a lovely place! Simply adorable.

  15. Whoa! I want to live there.

  16. Sssssssiiiiiiiggggghhhhhh . . . Yet another place to add to my list ;) Hope classes are going well!

  17. Stunning! I want to be there! Congrats on being one of Hilary's Posts of the Week! :-)

  18. Gorgeous... Just beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing them with us! Congrats on the POTW from Hilary! Love/ Jo.

  19. So beautiful and you have captured it with reverence and respect!! Love the photos. Congrats on your POTW award.

  20. What a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, and congrats on Post of the Week.

  21. Lovely. Congratulations on POTW!

  22. Congrats on POTW mention from Hilary

  23. Such scenic beauty, and captured so well! As an aside, I have no idea why it is that when I see anything from Vienna, my mind reaches for classical music accompaniment. I think it's fitting, and understandable.

    Isn't it a lovely thought that you live in a place where, when glimpsed by an outsider, the first thought is of beautiful music to go along with the overall loveliness?

    Congratulations on the post of the week mention at Hilary's, what a pretty little mind vacation you've sent me on. Thank you.

  24. Such a delicious post... When can I come and live there? Love the fog photos too.

  25. Lovely photos, as always. Congratulations on your "Post Of The Week" mention!

  26. What wonderful photos! Congrats on the POTW mention!

  27. wonderful country and nature images. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Oh, how beautiful, Merisi! Thank you for sharing such awe-inspiring pictures of your part of the world.

  29. It is so beautiful , what a lovely place. Would make a great place to take a holiday :-)


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