Friday 26 March 2010

Spring It Is!

Viennese Spring
with an Italian touch:
Thanks to Paolo Bortolotti
and his Italian gelato
Mariahilfer Strasse


25 March 2010
© 2010 by Merisi
And no, not my gelato:
I asked permission
from the two very kind gentlemen
who were enjoying this treat
in the late afternoon sun


Gustav Mahler
and spring revelers
added Saturday:

That was the scene in
front of Bortolotti's
on the day I photographed
the gelati bowls above.


  1. Drool! Fantastic shot, Merisi. :)

  2. Ah! The little golden-brown wafers, delicate and crunchy...just right to scoop up creamy bites of the ice cream...mmmm mmmm!

  3. Like a sunrise over pastel-tinted mountains!

  4. Thank you for this visual Vienna-Seattle link: I just spoke with my daughter who studies in Vienna and told me that she celebrated todays Summer weather with 'Eis essen'; I asked whether she went to 'Tuchlauben'... "Nein, ich war beim Bortolotti auf der Mariahilferstrasse"

    then I open your blog, my daily cure for my home sickness... and here it is, 'her Eisbecher'.... Thank you

    Veronika, Seattle

  5. The ice cream seems equally glad to be basking in the spring sunshine.

  6. Oh! Delicious-looking. I want one, too. ;-)


  7. Looks so scrumptious that I banged my head on the monitor!

  8. Merisi, New York just turned back a bit from the earlier warm Spring weather.

    The warmth will surely return soon, and I will want to test the gelato being offered by two, yes two, new places in my immediate neighborhood.

    Your luscious photo inspires me.


  9. Wonderful I want some of that!

  10. IF spring ever does come back-and the sprouting buds in my garden promise that it will-there is nowhere within a hundred mile radious that produces ice cream like yours. So I will stare at that picture and use my imagination whilst drooling.

  11. Moannie,
    may spring show up soon at your door steps!
    In the meantime, I have added a picture of the scene in front of Bortolotti. ;-)

  12. I'm so glad Mahler enjoys gelato too! He looks so happy! Is there something special with Mahler happening in Wien?

  13. Boy, am I glad I've just had a choc ice before seeing that ice cream!

  14. Oooo..yummmm....That's just not fair. It looks heavenly and its the perfect way to celebrate Spring...Summer...Fall...Winter...

  15. golly that looks good
    My diet plans just went out the window
    Thanks Gawd there is NO gelato around here!!!

  16. Renate,
    2010 would mark Mahler's 150th birthday, 2011 his 100th anniversary of death. Wien-Info lists a whole host of events planned over these two years:

    Enjoy1 :-)

  17. Egads.

    Silver bowl of ice cream, quivering drops of passion-sweat rolling down its sides. Crisp wafer standing tall above the seductive softness of sweet, cold pastel cream. My tongue quivers, aching to reach out and touch there, and there, and there.

    Word verification: "cowbons"
    Definition: What housewives in Montana eat while watching soap operas.

  18. Marcheline,
    I was close to call the waiter, asking him to bring me "Whatever they have!" - alas, all tables occupied, I had to summon all my courage instead of the waiter, begging to be allowed to take a picture. ;-)


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