Tuesday 2 March 2010

Red and the City

Red Lips and White Camelia
Chanel Boutique


at lunchtime today
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. That lipstick red is so lurid!

    The camelia looks like a meringue, but then I am rather peckish.

  2. I know that this is the wrong thing to say... but I can't help thinking that a thirsty vampire bat would be driven out of its mind by those blood-red lips and that monstrously long expanse of pale neck. But don't get me wrong. I'm not really an evil individual with sanguinary thoughts. In any case, in spite of the white camelia, that austere sci-fi visage is light years away from my romantic vision of Violetta la Traviata. Talking of camelias, there's a scene in my French-language movie adaptation of Die Aufzeichnungen des Malte Laurids Brigge in which Malte's parents are called back urgently from a grand ball, because their son is feverish, and Countess Sibylle Brigge finally kisses her sick son goodnight and abandons, alongside his pillow, her carnet de bal (dance card) and a bouquet of white camelias.

  3. WOW
    Your shots make me wanna run to the hairdresser.
    Give me THIS hair cut PLEASE!!!
    divinely gorge

  4. Oh that unmistakable white flower.
    Shall I tell you where I put mine? ;-)

  5. Snow white - Rose Red! I do love that haircut!

  6. Girl from Cherry Blossom Street:
    You did NOT! ;-)


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