Friday 19 March 2010

Postcards from Venice

Morning in Venice
Clothes lines
in the early morning breeze

Aperto Open
Opening hours of Venice's
oldest paper shop, somewhere between
Campo Gritti and Campo San Maurizio
San Marco

Shades of Green
This corner, just before reaching
Ponte dell'Accademia,
always facinates me because
of the many shades of green


14 March 2010
© by Merisi 2010


  1. Your "Shades of Green" picture proves that a door can be adorable. Shades of apple leaf, a dream-touched green with blue in it...

  2. So beautiful! And the clotheslines set my heart a-flutter!

  3. Love laundry scenes juxtaposed against ethereal scenes. Brings them down to remember that real people live there, too.


  4. It is such a fascinating, interesting place. Great postcards.

  5. Aah a morning in Venice, so lovely it would be, and your first image is wonderful. I have so missed viewing your posts these past couple of days~ Be well~

  6. If I say again "I wish I were there" will I sound like a broken record? But it's true! Gorgeous photos, as always, showing details of Venice I am also attuned to.

  7. Hi Merisi! Was just watching a PBS show called Visions of Italy and thought I'd drop in and see what's going on in your world, and where do I find you?.......Venice! How appropriate! I love your last photo. Is the purple flower a hydragenia? Enjoy your springtime visit to Venice. I SO enjoy your "postcards" from wherever you are.

  8. LOL on the wash photo. It looks like if the line broke, the wash was going into teh canal for another rise.

  9. Hello Merisi,

    I have so enjoyed being able to take a look at your most recent posts ... from so many places!

    McDonald's coffee can be quite all right, even if the ambiance of the "cafe" is not quite close to elegant.

    Your Venetian pictures make me wonder why it is that I only visited that city once.

    New York is now enjoying early spring warmth. Our recent record snowfall seems distant history.

    I want to get over to Central Park early next week. Too much work in the way until then.

    Best wishes. xo

  10. poetry, this is simply poetry! oh, well, what? did I say this before? :)) well... I cannot help it :)!

  11. I just found your blog....what an inspiration..such beautiful photography...I just viewed a few random months...I feel like I was just on a trip....nice way to start my Sunday .....thanks.

  12. Tokyo was suffered from the super gale yesterday, phew! But your photos now bring me to the beautiful world. Soothing :)

  13. La Serenissima - always mysterious; always beautiful.

  14. I enjoy all this nice sequence of postcards! Great atmosphere in Venice!
    Happy new week, Merisi!

  15. Oh! I LOVE the clothsline. And the blue door, it is such a pleasure coming for a visit Merisi!
    x lori

  16. Every picture a work of art. What a painters eye you have, Merisi.

    veri word: flingers. Oh you have magic fingers alright.

  17. Are the photos beautiful? Yes! But the only thing that came to mind as I scrolled through them was, "How the heck does the laundry every dry with all that moisture?!"

  18. Gorgeous photos, Merisi. I would love to visit Venice some day...
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Only a few weeks now and I'll be back in Italy, and in Venezia.....

  20. My favorite city in the whole world, Venice. I loved wandering far off the tourist routes, and getting lost in the maze of alleys. Your photos do it justice.

  21. Each one is a work of art, Merisi!

  22. How cam so much colour happen where your camera just happens to go? You are amazing.


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