Wednesday 3 March 2010

Looking Up

Blue March Skies
and a lonely cloud

Ridge Turrets
and overhead Trolley Wires
Frequent sights when
you are looking up in Vienna

Family Coat of Arms

An Angel
under the intricately carved wooden eaves
of the house next door

The Neighbour's Roof
rides on another wave

above a grand entrance

The White Splendor
of the house a few doors down

I took all these pictures
on Monday shortly after noon,
standing in the middle of
Lainzer Strasse in the
13th District, moving only a few feet
back and forth, jumping to safety
when a streetcar approached.

Just as I was turning
to leave, I snapped one last picture
of the house opposite -
I could have spent the rest of the day,
looking up and capturing what I saw,
walking to the end of the street
and back and then
start over again ....


13th District
1 March 2010
© 2010 by Merisi


  1. those skies are BLUE! and your street filled with beauties.

  2. Merisi, decidedly, you're a primary colors girl. And yet, you seem to like pastels, too. Where does the truth lie, between you and your lenses?

  3. I swear, you have the most delicious blue skies.

  4. You are surrounded by beauty. What a fine way to live.

  5. A visit to your blog is like a breathe of fresh air, which is a very welcome change from my cold grey day.

  6. Beautiful skies! (I remember blue ...) And such a lovely point of view! Those wonderful eaves!

  7. Looks so fresh and pristine. March is here!

  8. You have such beautiful ornamentation over there. I like all the mouldings and scroll decoration. It is a beautiful day in the sunshine.

  9. Loved that first photo of the huge puffy cloud!!

  10. ah, blue sky. Still looking for a day with no clouds and no snow either. Woke up with another half inch today.


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