Monday 25 January 2010

Vienna Before Sunrise

Swan and Stars
Swarovsky swan and starry reflections
from the streetlights
Kärntner Strasse

Kärntner Strasse
before dawn,
illuminated by streetlights

on a bitter cold
January morning

At Graben -
square or street, who knows -
unlit chandeliers are swaying
high above a few lost souls
on their way to work

A Graben chandelier,
remainder of Christmas past

St. Stephen's Cathedral
rises into the still dark sky,
but soon, a cold winter sun will rise,

and the last blue star
will take refuge where it can


around 6am on
12 January 2010:
May it be noted
that I thought it would be fun
to visit a coffee house
just before dawn break.

Alas, none to be found.
I had to go home and
brew a pot of tea
to warm my frozen bones!

© 2010 by Merisi


  1. VERY cold looking, enhanced by the crystal like lights and decor..

    saz x

  2. what beautiful photos.....

    I must ask, what type of camera do you use?

    It looks so peaceful!!

  3. oh, the lighting is spectacular! The price to pay for wonderful shots!

  4. One word comes to mind: Magical!

  5. Ethereal pre-dawn shots, Merisi. Just stunning. It was worth the venture, even if you didn't find any coffee!

  6. Your dawn-pure stars and swans lift the heart. Thank you, Merisi!

  7. Pure delight! You make my Monday bright!!
    (I swear I wasn't trying to rhyme ;-)

  8. Many things for venturing out in the early hours. The pictures are wonderful! And I love that last fallen star.

  9. Wow, gorgeous how those lights show up. They're as icy as the temps, but lovely as snow.

  10. Your cold morning produced such stunning photographic results, it must have made the cold hands worthwhile!

  11. Andre Veloux25 January, 2010

    Great pics, though what are you doing wandering the streets before dawn!!!

  12. Well, Andre,
    I was on my way home! ;-)
    What did you think?

  13. beautiful. peaceful. so deserted...

  14. so magical !
    can't have enough of the gorgeous Viennese architecture...
    thank you !

  15. Als Tipp:
    Dienstag - Samstag
    von 3 Uhr früh bis 2 Uhr nachts,
    von 3 Uhr früh bis 12 Uhr nachts

    Legendär: Die Gulaschsuppe im Drechsler nach einer durchtanzten Ballnacht.

    Trau dich und ziehe deine Kreise auch außerhalb des Demels. ;-)

  16. Merisi, thanks for remembering : ) Wien is wonderful

  17. WOW Glorious pictures Merisi
    They may the cold morning look divine!

  18. I love the sparkle and magic in these...that first swan shot was a good capture! How unfortunate not to find a coffeeshop open at that frigid hour...I hope your cup of tea was some consolation! My mother is an early morning person and sees the pre-dawn hours every day. It must be interesting to inhabit the world when everyone else is asleep.

  19. i so adore those elaborate christmas decorations over the street...they are fabulous.
    a pot of tea sounds good right now.

  20. Oh WOW WOW WOW !!

    I have never seen the Graben so still and quiet, yet these pictures are pregnant with atmosphere and energy.

    Merisi, thanks for taking your camera on this wonderful early morning walk. Sorry you were not rewarded with a piping hot Pharisaer or Fiaker kaffee as a treat.

  21. I remember my walk in the same area before dawn, many months ago. It was summer, warm and light then though :-)

  22. You are an adventuresome soul Merisi. Gorgeous crystal photos and a frigid morning. I have thoughts like that too but then I turn over and snuggle down in my blankets again and wish early morning could begin later.

  23. What a cold cold morning ..but stunning photos. I love the photo of St. Stephen's Cathedral.

    I just took note of the time you took these wonder you could not find a coffee shop would of been good though.

  24. I guess you were there for the dawn chorus?
    Lovely pictures anyway!

  25. Another superb sequence. I love the swan.

  26. Thank you all so very much for your comments!
    I have said it before, but it is so true: I truly appreciate that you take the time and leave these precious thoughts of yours for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    I was at the opening of the VERMEER EXHIBITION at the Museum of Art History tonight. A unique way to introduce a single painting to not only experts, but the interested public! I highly recommend this exhibition not only to adults, but also to parents of young school-age children. A wonderfully insightful way to introduce children to the world of art. I loved it and shall go back there, possibly in the early morning, to take it all in!

    Here the first paragraphs of the introduction to the exhibition:

    Vermeer. The Art of Painting.
    Analysis of a Masterpiece
    Curated by Dr. Sabine Pénot and Mag. Elke Oberthaler

    Our exhibition focuses on a single painting.
    Vermeer kept “The Art of Painting” in his studio as a show-piece for potential buyers, and it is regarded as his artistic legacy. There was probably no commission for this large masterpiece, and it never left Vermeer’s studio during his lifetime. Even after his death his widow tried to avoid having to sell it, despite her pronounced financial difficulties.

    For the first time, the painting was now the subject of a comprehensive technological and conservation study. Like a crime-scene analysis, the exhibition studies Vermeer’s use of pigments and binding media, and his technique. We also examine the much-discussed question of whether Vermeer used perspective drawings and/or optical instruments (e.g. a camera obscura) to construct his painting.

    Continue reading here:

    Good night from Vienna,

  27. Lovely Merisi.
    For Christmas I gave Marta Girl With a Pearl Earring (in a Norwegian translation). Her first "adult" book. She is reading every night now, almost finished it, and told me tonight that she loves at and that last night it kept her awake till way past midnight.
    A reader seem to be born :-)

  28. Fantastic, a true fantasy... and to think of you there...drinking it in. Better than coffee.

  29. oh you poor thing. At least you excellent photos out of it.

  30. Gorious elements of crystal on a cold morning.

  31. Britt-Arnhild,
    congratulations of having brought up an enthusiastic reader! :-)

    there is something about that early morning mood ... ;-)

    I was there of my own choosing,
    curious about seeing the town at that hour! ;-)

    Barbara Martin,
    your words describe beautifully what I experienced, thank you! :-)

  32. These pictures are all masterpieces! I don't know anyone else with an eye like yours Merisi.You create the most spectacular magical mages that in lesser hands would be, well, less.

    I think this series is my favourite of all. Thank you for your early, coffeeless venture out for our immense pleasure. Annie XXX


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