Thursday 7 January 2010

Goodbye to All That

Le Petite Paris
Doors painted "French pâtisserie pink"
accented with green pine
Christmas door swags

Giant PeachBauble
against dusty rose façade -
Who says Vienna's
a stuffy old town?

Yes, Virginia,
Christmas Is Over
In the West!
From where I sit, though,
I can see the East
where Christmas starts today:
Merry Christmas!

Haas & Haas Teahouse
Stephansplatz 4

Brightly Coloured Planters
Lit from within
Potted Christmas trees:
I know where I found them,
but forgot the name of the street

Light blue painted bambu,
pink-lavender orchid flowers,
bright green mistletoe branches,
a few of them gilded
Drug store entrance

Window Decorations
"Irgendwo im Achten"
in the 8th District

Images and Text
© by Merisi 2010


  1. Orchids and mistletoe -- what a lovely and unexpected combination!

  2. Oh I love it! I can't get enough of the first image :)

  3. We too are strolling the streets of Vienna, transported by your beautiful sceneries.

  4. Merisi - you are no longer a cup of coffee!

  5. Vicki Lane,
    yes, they are an unexpected combination, even though both are epiphytes (oh well, the mistletoe is accused of being a parasite, but if I have read that there are scientists who dispute that assertion now!).

    quite unexpected colour, isn't it?
    I have to try to visit that place. If I am not mistaken it is something like a coffee-bar, not in the Italian meaning, but more like a night club (they do not open until 6pm), which explains why I haven't set foot in it yet: I am not a night bird!

    thank you! :-)

    ever heard of Coffee Osmosis?
    I may just morph back,
    or into something else entirely. ;-)

  6. Beautiful. I love your new profile picture. Happy to meet you finally. You capture the store windows so beautifully. They always tell a story.

  7. When I see your photos (link through Badger), I'm reminded immediately of my first and only encounter with Vienna at a meeting, long ago, of the Philosophy Department of Unesco... which gave rise to an article that would change my life in certain ways.

    I'm reminded, too, of my friend Gary in Sydney, Australia, former member of the Boys Choir. In our Paddington flat in 1968, whenever we were approaching lovely drunkenness with our guitars, I would pronounce the ritual command: "Gary, sing something sweet and Austrian." And he always did.

    I believe that Gary's former Austrian wife Helena Karnolz is now known throughout Australia.

    I have references to the above events...

  8. Hints of springtime color are creeping's refreshing to see pink right now!

  9. What glorious images. I love that pink with just those hints of greenery at the sides. Lovely

  10. Delicious.

    I think that I will paint my doors and shutters "French pâtisserie pink." That pink will look marvellous against the white snow!

  11. those pink doors are my absolute favourite!

  12. Lovely acknowlegement of the Orthodox Christmas. No stuffiness in this series. I like the photographer-at-work portrait too & your new avatar photo.

  13. You find beauty around every corner, don't you? Just lovely.


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