Sunday 3 January 2010

A Bit Of Red

Chanel Boutique

Baubles and Reflections
Shop Window

Restaurant entrance

Palais Ferstel

Chanel Boutique

Red Fly Agaric
Greeting customers
of a store at

© by Merisi


  1. Well, I trust the Amanita muscaria is not on the menu at Griechenbeisl or their customers would no doubt have a horrible tummy ache during the night, and probably some very strange dreams too!

  2. love the captures from the chanel botique. they always have such creative windows. i am looking forward to seeing what's in the windows come february when i am off to visit.

  3. The haughty red-head frozen amidst the baubles makes me think of King Midas -- maybe at midnight she's free to waltz with the rest of Vienna.

  4. it still looks very festive there!!!

  5. Oh, gosh, I love that gorgeous red blouse!!!

  6. Such intriguing shots, Merisi...the Chanel display is so artistic...and you angle your shots so wonderfully that it heightened the mystery for me when I first began to absorb your beautiful post! And as red is my favorite, this particular post captivated me. Love the restaurant...would love to eat there, and to paint it plein aire! Sigh...someday, I simply MUST visit...but in the meantime, Merisi's photos will satisfy...Happy New Year, dear friend!!! Love, Janine XO

  7. Merisi, our New York air is suddenly too bleak and wind streaked to encourage anyone to venture out with a camera. It was difficult enough to venture out for food at the neighborhood market. I layered up in silk, cashmere, wool and on top of it all, the down-filled nylon coat.

    So, thank you for keeping the style count topped up with Chanel et al. I've been thinking that it might be fun to trade fashion icon window across the Atlantic. If if warms up a bit by the time I have a day off, I might just hop over to our Chanel (or any other designer you might request) and click an image or three.

    It interests me to see how these mega chic-doms deliver their messages to different countries. What do you think?

    Right now, I am so glad to be indoors, with the temperature way below freezing, and the sound of powerful wind whistles just the other side of my windows.


  8. Such fabulous windows!! Loove the Chanel red!!

  9. If I could have any hair, it would look EXACTLY like the red wig on that mannequin! Color, style, curl...the whole thing. :: sigh :: That plastic woman has my dream hair.

  10. Guess that 'red' is quiet an alluring colour.

    Please have a nice new week.

  11. A cloud of Chanel accessories would be nice, but I think I'd prefer the red satin blouse.

  12. Happy, healthy, prosperous new year, dear Maria. Our Christmas in Vienna remains unforgetable. How come it is already two years ago? Thank you for the beautiful rest and enjoyment your blog offers me.

  13. Ah, Chanel! Such chic. That model, so '50's. Those red lips, the blouse-your eye, Merisi is unerring.

  14. Sometimes Lana is a red head.

  15. I love your pictures but I didn't understand Chanel's motivation for these decorations this year...maybe it was cheaper to hang stuff on the manikin's heads???
    Who knows...
    The red spotted mushroom must be a European thing..?

  16. Carol,
    those head coverings are a bit strange, indeed!
    They are attention getters, that's for sure: I observed how people stopped in their tracks, studying the exhibition intently.

    I imagine this is what it would look inside a woman's brain, when her head is spinning in those moments when she has to decide what to wear! ;-)

    The mushroom is one of those things that they give out here as tokens of good luck on New Year's Eve, small things made of tin or cookie dough or plastic, everything from chimney sweeps to pink pigs and these well-dressed mushrooms!

  17. Andre Veloux05 January, 2010

    Mannequins are enigmatic!


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