Thursday 31 December 2009

While Waiting .For Godot.

Déjà Vu
Oh yes, they are back:
You do know
how to pronounce that,
do you?

Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.
Try fewer keywords.

Alright, here we go,
everybody pronounce
(poopp)(pen)(krap)(fen) -
why are you laughing???

While a Krapfen is a -
usually apricot filled -
donut without a hole,
a Puppenkrapfen is a
small Krapfen,
i.e. a Puppe's (doll's) size.
One of the cutest food names
I have encountered here.


What are we waiting for?
For once,
the Blue Moon to appear,
the Old Year packing up,
Merisi to finally come up
with a last blog post
for 2009!

photographed today
at Demel's.
Where else?

Images & Text
© by Merisi


  1. Marvelous. I could lick the screen.

  2. I am proud as peach of the sepia job I did on the Puppenkrapfen. I would have liked a different shade, but that lever would only go so far to the right (steadfast liberal?)!

    Dear Readers,

    I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful New Year's Eve! May you waltz into a New Year that brings you much happiness and love and good health and everything else you are wishing for!

    With gratitude to all of you who are always so encouraging, even on days when I only manage to throw something together with very little time on my hands,


  3. they look mighty tasty to me...though their name makes me snicker.
    enjoy the last hours of 2009 which for you are fast approaching.
    thanks for sharing such beautiful captures with us this past year...i enjoy them all.

  4. My tongue is quiering to lick the sugar off that scrummy looking ball of delishiousness [sp?]

    Happy New Year, Merisi.

  5. What a funny post. I like to play with words, too. You have a very fun sense of humor!
    Happy New Year

  6. Yet another word to add to my limited german - why is it that most of them have to do with food ;)

  7. Your Puppenkrapfen reminded me that in Perugia, my home town, we have crema-filled fried pastries called bomboloni. They are the size of Krapfen.

  8. Thank you all! :-)

    I sure remember the Bombolini!
    A Venezia, nel periodo di Carnevale, si gustano le Fritelle (infatti, anche a Milano e nel Fiuli-Venezia).
    A Venezia pero', e' una propria professione, i "fritoleri" - e le ricette variano fuori la Serenissima.


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