Tuesday 22 December 2009

When Evening Falls At Christmastime in Vienna

Gilded Copper Globe
Parapet figures, the globe is
held by Tellus, the Roman Terra Mater,
and flanked by female mathematician figures.
The sculptures were created
by Lorenzo Mattielli in the 1720s
Austrian National Library
Formerly the Court Library at the
Imperial Palace,
the Hofburg


A red coach waiting for
lucky passengers who will
enjoy a twilight tour through
the city. Can you spy Café Mozart?
Albertina Square

Christmas Tree
in front of Albertina Palace,
only a few hundred feet
from Josefsplatz - the Opera House
greets in the background
Albertina Square

Christmas Trees
Courtyard of the Imperial Stables
Spanish Riding School,
home of the Lipizzan Stallions

Kissing Ball
Mistletoe hanging from a snow-covered lantern
in the passage way from Habsburgergasse
to Michaelerplatz


in the early evening hours
21 December 2009
Images and text
© by Merisi


  1. Ooooooo, I would LOVE to climb into that horse and buggy and explore that beautiful Christmas city, right NOW!!

  2. L'heure bleu and Merisi are synonymous IMHO

  3. I'd enjoy that Twilight Tour with Lana!

  4. I would like to thank you for unveiling many wonderful parts of your world to ours!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. You just have the best eye--you always find the exact right thing to take a photo of. What wonderful snow photos and elegant holiday displays. Happy holidays, Merisi!

  6. I can spy it! I can! I really can! Beautiful shot of the Christmas tree in the Inmperial stables.

  7. enjoy the season in your gorgeous city Merisi... very best wishes to you and yours & thank you for your beautiful images and words ;-)

  8. Merry Christmas
    I love the undecorated trees and the mistletoe
    Very European
    and enviable.

  9. Do you ever see anyone taking advantage of the kissing ball? Like Elizabeth, I really noticed the almost unadorned greenery. Last night we were walking in the twilight and I wanted to take a picture of a tree . . . but it was marred by a horrible lit-up neon robin.

  10. Excellent photos and so inspiring at this time of year. Thank you, Merisi.

  11. The city looks wonderful in snow.


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