Friday 18 December 2009

Schönbrunn Schneegestöber - Snow Flurries

and Neptune Fountain

Schönbrunn Palace Gardens
13th District

Walking Up The Hill
to the Gloriette

Looking Back
to Schönbrunn Palace

The Reflecting Pool
Snow accumulating
on the ice

Once Upon A Time
this was Emperor Franz Josef's
favorite breakfast spot, nowadays,
even commoners can walk up there
and enjoy the view or a cup of coffee
at Café Gloriette

Photographed by Merisi
17 December 2009
Images and Text
© by Merisi


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  1. I finally did it - the first comment on one of Merisi's blogs. Great photos!

  2. Snow always transforms things and makes them magical.
    Tomorrow we expect a huge storm here in NY

  3. As always, everytime I come to look at your blog you have some fantastic photos!
    Would love to have snow here, but all we are getting is cold, cold, rain. Sigh....

  4. Yes, like Elizabeth, I am thinking about the contrast in the gently civilized elegance of the snow arriving in Vienna, compared to what the forecasters are predicting will take place tomorrow afternoon in New York. (Hoping I will not have to shovel the sidewalk in front of the store.) Nothing elegant about that vision.


  5. Thanks for the tour, it looks like a lovely place to visit.

  6. Snow is so much prettier when it's photographed somewhere else (ie. not in my own back yard!)

  7. Delightful wintry scenes!

  8. beauty of snow which touches anywhere makes wonderful...

  9. i love these misty shots. such atmosphere!

  10. Thank you for taking us on the snowy tour, it does look beautiful but cold brrrrrr!!

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments! :-)

    Snow is beautiful, but can also mess up holiday plans: We welcomed one daughter from California tonight, who made it across two continents battered by snow storms safely. We are waiting for a friend from Virginia, who could not make it to Washington Dulles airport. The flight was cancelled, the next possibility out will not be until Tuesday. My old hometown seems to disappear in the snow!

    A safe weekend to you all, wherever you may be!
    Christmas cheers,

  12. Yes, Merisi, not all see snow in the same way. My brother who lives just outside Washington DC, called this morning to say he was in a blizzard.

    I had to cut him a bit short saying we had our own version coming and that I had to get to work.

    (Yes, I will be shovelling the sidewalk clear tomorrow morning, borrowing the shovel from the building's superintendant who will have Sunday as a day off.)

    Right now, the view from my front window is pretty romantically beautiful.


  13. Oh no, Frances,
    that you have to shovel the sidewalk is outragious!
    Back in our old DC home, our son used to clear the driveways of neighbors when he was quite young already. They were always grateful and paid him well, glad that he did they work before any snow plow would get around in the residential areas.
    Overnight, almost a foot of snow has fallen here too.


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