Friday 13 November 2009

Vienna Today


White Meringue
Zuckerbäcker Doorway
Confectioner's Style

Guess who?

Alte Lampe
Old Lantern

Made By You
Scaffolded by whom?


in the 4th District
13 November 2009

Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Guess who?
    There seem to be two!
    The answer to the question --
    How does Merisi take so many pictures,
    So many places?
    At last we have a clue!

  2. I love this blog. Thanks Merisi.

  3. Merisi, your photos are very particularly you. They could be by no one else's hand, I think. I was here months and months ago and you've been so kind to me. I will try to come more often to soak in the images you give.

  4. What great light in Vienna today and such crisp colors! Wish I were walking the city with you :D Happy Friday, Merisi........

  5. The doors of Vienna--and a rose (beautiful rose). I prefer the old baroque "confectionary"--so apt--to the stark new cafe...A happy weekend to you.

  6. Oh lord, Alte Lampe. I could tell you a story about my experience with the door of that place...

  7. @ Vicki Lane,
    *smile* - alas, my feet hurt as if I had walked the city for five hours on my very own!
    I decided to shift the duties to Saturday and took off yesterday, simply to take advantage of the gorgeous light. Today, fog reigns supreme, and I am happy I was out yesterday.

    @ Ruşen Ergün,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Woman in a Window,
    you are welcome, and thank you,
    I enjoy by visits with you too! :-)

    @ Allie,
    the light really was extraordinary yesterday.
    You would have gotten very tired if you had walked with me yesterday! ;.)

    @ ds,
    the old baroque buildings are exquisite (and expensive to renovate), but there are also many buildings from the time between the wars and the period after WWII, when people simply needed a roof over their heads and any embellishment would have been a luxury. One could think of many reasons about the stark looks of this cafe, one could be that somebody is trying to build a business from scratch and doing as best as he or she can.

    A happy weekend to you too! :-)

    @ Steph,
    please, go ahead,
    indulge us with your tale!

  8. Andre Veloux14 November, 2009

    Great colours in these!

  9. @ Andre,
    the light was out of this world brilliant yesterday.

  10. I ADORE this collection of images!!
    Like pages from a perfect book

  11. Geez that's a big bag you've got there!
    Watcha got in there??!!

  12. I adore the fresh yellows and the vivid reds in this one! Thank for a visual tonic.


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