Sunday 1 November 2009

All Hallows' Eve in Vienna

Wall Billboard
Linke Wienzeile
Vienna Left Bank

"1 Gott"
Artwork and Window Reflection
Café Rühmann

Oysters at Twilight
"Fin de Claire"
French Oysters

It's Alive!
Or is it not?
Lardo di Colonnata
La Salvia
Yppen Platz

You Can Run And Hide
Black-Eyed Susan
will find you!
Palais Liechtenstein

Images and Text
© by Merisi
31 October 2009


  1. Wonderful pictures, especially the first one!

    And the pictures of knots in the wood are wonderful! I see such pictures in many places in our house and barns.

  2. Love, love, love that first photo! So spooky, as though the moon had come down for a closer look....almost makes me wish you hadn't posted the last shot...

  3. Once again you've worked your magic with the's a bad moon rising!

  4. Your first photograph is amazing!!! How did you "see" that ...I would have walked past that billboard, and would never have seen the potential for such an eerie photo...You have such a creative eye!!!! Love it! Happy Halloween, dear Merisi!! ~Janine XO

  5. You are so good with the subtlest color palettes, Merisi. I think you're the best I know with that aspect of photography. You have a subtle and eloquent eye.

  6. Beautiful set of photos, Merisi. Interesting to see that il lardo di colonnata is famous in Vienna too.

  7. I love the advertising in Vienna--artistic and thought-provoking. So unlike what we have here in the States, with our blow-ups, streamers, and 'in your face'.

    Beautiful, as always.

  8. Some eerie and fascinating photos, Merisi :)

  9. You know that I have run out of superlatives for your incredible eye and hand, Merisi so at the risk of repeating myself...Stylish,evocative,beautiful [especially the first]crisp,mouth-watering treats.

  10. The last photo takes the mystery out of the first but makes one realize just how great an eye you have. Wonderful

  11. Merisi, I am so happy you visited me on my blog, so now I can become a follower of yours. What a lovely view...I will enjoy my time spent here with you and your wonderful photos!

  12. Hello Merisi.

    Your kind comments are very appreciated.

    These All Hallows Eve pictures create such a mood as my eyes discover them early on this Sunday morning. All seems so quiet here in New York, a perfect background from which to view your artistry and to contemplate the art of observation.

    Best wishes, xo.

  13. Goodness, how lovely! The most glamorous halloween blog post!

  14. Such beautiful black and white shots!

    I can't get over that haunting billboard. It really does look like the moon peeking between bare branches . . .but the woman, not the man, in the moon!

  15. Happy Belated Halloween to you!
    What a beautiful post, as always! I do love the face on the wall!!!


  16. Loved, LOVED that first double image!

  17. You sure have captured the bones of autumn in a unique way. Why am I not surprised? :)


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