Saturday 24 October 2009

Italian Days: Pisa By The Sea

Fishing at the Shore of the Arno River
Bocca d'Arno
Arno River Estuary
Marina di Pisa
Tuscany, Italy

Where the Arno River
Meets the Ligurian Sea

Marina di Pisa

On the Horizon,
The Apuan Alps rise from the plains.

The quarries of Carrara and Pietrasanta,
located in the Massa-Carrara area
of this mountain range, are famous for the
exquisite white and blue-gray marble.

Michelangelo Buonarroti travelled there by horse,
to select the marble for his sculptures,
but he was only one of many artists,
from way back in Roman times,
to appreciate its outstanding beauty.

Marina di Pisa
Clicking on the pictures
will take you to more information
about the Arno river, the Apuan Alps,
Michaelango Buonarroti, and
the sea-side resort of Marina di Pisa.

Marina di Pisa
Only an hour's drive
west of Florence,
but the light is
so different,
really a world away!
I returned to these shores
last September, but the images
here date from October 2008.
Due to a technical glitch,
I lost what pictures
I have taken this September.


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. The second view is gorgeous! Would love to paint here:) You are right, the light is different!
    I know what you men about Michaelangelo just being one of the artists:) - many do not look beyond that one painting, LOL

  2. Hum, think I will order that movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Beautiful.

  3. I envy you Europeans in that you can so quickly and easily vacation in other countries! Where shall we go . . . Italy? Greece? Germany? France? Perhaps Spain or Portugal? And so many of you speak multiple languages.
    I'm in awe.

  4. My screen's reflection interfers with seeing the quality of light...too bad...I wrote about Monet's art this past week...he is the painter that makes me think of light quality. Oh I must go back and look at your Tuscan Sun, Mersi!

  5. All of your photos are fabulous, Merisi, but my favourite is the second one.

  6. All very picturesque views, Merisi. Really thrilling "Where the Arno River Meets the Ligurian Sea".
    Happy Sunday!

  7. Beautiful pictures of cumulus clouds behind the fishing nets.

  8. I live by 'no regrets' but oh, I should so have loved to paint, in Tuscany. You've worked your magic again, Merisi.


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