Monday 26 October 2009

Pink And Purple

Pink Zinnias

Waiting for the Bus
Gumpendorfer Strasse

The Countess in Pink
Die Gräfin vom Raimundhof
Mariahilfer Strasse

"The Real McCoy"
Ms McCoy checking
on her window dummies
Mariahilfer Strasse

"La Vie en rose"
Pink along my path:
Walking from Vienna's
Naschmarkt to Mariahilfer Strasse

Images and Text
© by Merisi
October 2009


  1. Andre Veloux26 October, 2009

    Love it. Pink has become very popular in our house over the last 9 years. Can't think why ;)

  2. I love the zinnas. Ours just died from our first frost. Lots of beautiful pink. Do you think it's the beginning of a trend, or maybe it is a trend and I didn't realize it.

  3. @ Andre Veloux,
    call it the "Pink Phase" -
    it "is" a beautiful colour, after all!
    I changed a year or so ago to rasperry pink placemats.
    Do I have to worry? ;-)

    @ My Carolina Kitchens,
    purple, plum are the winter colours this side of the pond. Not far to a strong pink accent, I guess. ;-)

    I notice that some days I capture all of sudden a certain colour more often than others.

  4. Loved the girl in pink on the bench sitting next to someone who has obviously maxed out their credit card.

  5. @ Arkansas Patti,
    it was Saturday at dusk, just as the stores were closing. New fall cloth for her little girl? ;-)

  6. I love them all, as always. I especially love the color composition that you capture. Both pictures with the little girls in pink are cute, but the one with the girl under the entrance is very nice with the way her jacket pops against the neutral colors.

  7. mariahilfer strasse.... hmmmmm, i've done some shopping there....

  8. Pink is very different in Vienna..than Paris..more PINK?

  9. I love Pink! It was also my mother's very favorite! Love the photos! Wonderful as always!

  10. Beautiful pinks! The dress of the little girl on the bench seems charmingly old-fashioned.

  11. that's a lot more pink than I usually see in a week.

  12. Merisi, this reminds me about a bus ride I took a million years ago in Oakland, Ca. A father and toddler daughter were talking. She said, "Purple and pink." He said,"Pink and purple." It stuck with me, all these years, as kind of a stretching/learning lesson.
    Fun post.

  13. I love these!! If I had to choose -- the last one is my favorite!! enJOY your day!!

  14. I loved the "waiting for the bus" picture!

  15. I always think of pink as a spring color, but it is quite beautiful in Vienna in autumn. Actually, any color would be beautiful in Vienna in autumn (insert longing sigh here).

  16. Love both of these colors !!

  17. Love these "one color" based posts of yours. Last week, I captured a series of pictures in yellow from a window in Manhattan. Should post those some day.


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