Friday 30 October 2009


No Orange, You Say?
Trust me,
there's plenty of orange below:
I was almost literally floating
above a bed of orange canna
that circles the fountain in the
Rose Garden!

The steeples of the Votive Church,
the roof of Vienna University and
the parapet statues on the roof of
the Burgtheater, the
Austrian National Theater,
all vying for attention with
the spectacular clouds.

A solitary rose petal,
carried off by the night winds,
left alone to decry her fate
in the wet grass
in the shade.

Canna leaves,
coasting in the
morning sun.

Canna blossoms
taking a dive amongst
the water lily leaves.

Water lily leaves
gallivanting in the shady side
of the fountain,
oblivious of colour and time.

Orange feet?
says the Mallard duck,
go ahead, shoot them,
but then go,
we want to nap!


Not enough orange,
you say?
click on that
Canna blossom then! ;-)


Rose Garden Fountain
Volksgarten Park

Photographs and Text
October 2009
© by Merisi


  1. I love your photos of NATURE . The colors are gorgeous

  2. Thank you! :-)

    May I ask my dear readers one question, please?
    Looking at my pictures, the way they appear in my photo album, is different from what I see them here on the blog. The original colours are more vivid. What is your impression? Maybe I need to adjust something with my blog, but what? Questions, questions .... ;-)

    A wonderful day to all of you!

  3. My fave is the!! Just wow.

  4. Oh Cannas are my favorite flower! My Orange ones are about 8 feet tall right now! Great shots! :)

  5. oh, wonderful...
    a world-wind of orange
    before breakfast!



    {{ i have always, always loved
    the duck feet color!
    is that strange?
    as a child i would think
    it was painted on! }}

    about your colors over here--->
    they are delicately cast
    on my screen.
    i would not change a thing ♥

    pop over
    and see what you find on my blog...
    mine seem more saturated
    but most times that is happenstance...
    bright florida sun?
    my inability to see my camera settings?

    i simply PLAY...

  6. I love the colors -- and the canna leaf shot is my favorite -- a lovely abstract.

    Don't know why the blog should change the colors of the original -- an annoying puzzlement.

  7. Merisi,

    Each of these pictures is a poem. To see them is to have extra happiness enter this day.

    The colors are exquisite. I know nothing technical so cannot offer any suggestion on color correction. The colors seem quite perfect on the blog screen.

    Best wishes. xo

  8. I saw the colours instantly! Such a lovely time of year, isn't it?

  9. I love the almost liquic flow of the petals.

  10. Beautiful images, beautiful words. The rose petal, maybe, enjoyed her ride down. She flew through the cool night air, not knowing where she was going, nor fearing where she may end up, until she landed onto a pillow of grass.

  11. The Canna leaves are so lovely. I love how you captured the edge.
    The sleeping ducks are great too. In fact I can't pick out a favorite. I enjoyed looking at them all.

  12. I had this problem constantly with Picasa! I thought it was ME. I wonder if you use Picasa? Now I use Photobucket. It is VERY slow, but the results are MUCH better.

  13. The female Mallard seems to have her beady eye on your lens!

  14. Beautiful photos, but I see what you are talking about with the colors. When I click on your pictures to enlarge them they are much more vivid than they appear in the blog. I'm not sure what would cause this though. I have had trouble with photos on my blog sometimes too. It had to do with how the color was processed.

    Here are two sites that might help:

    Good luck!

  15. I see the orange! I see the orange! And I'm loving it!


  16. The abstract Canna Leaves reminds me of Georgia O'Keefe! Re the differences seen in transition of photos from album to monitor - if you have an iMac you can experiment at the editing stage before uploading. I see adjusting what you want to show the world is an aesthetic matter, the final touch to your 'painting' in the creative process of producing a work of art.

  17. I like this muted orange that I see in your photos on the is definitely orange, but not of the bright version.

  18. I love the color of the larger version of the cannas. It is more how they are up close in real life.

    I do love them so much. We will be leaving Washington in the spring, moving someplace where they have never seen a canna...oh well. Thank you for the lovely picture to keep my memory fresh.


  19. Love that rose petal.. it's PERFECT!


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