Friday 2 October 2009


The Sphynx
Belvedere Gardens

The Steeple
The sun broke free
of the clouds, illuminating
St. Stephen's Cathedral

The Sphynx
The same sphynx
as in the image above,
but this time in full sun:
The strong morning wind
had chased most clouds eastward
while I was walking and photographing
in the garden of the Belvedere.


Photographed by Merisi
5 September 2009


  1. Hello Merisi,

    Well, of course, your photos are marvelous. This time around that bright clear light and the notion of a cathedral and a sphinx create a marvelous jousting notion.

    Of course, the light does come from the all powerful sun of our galaxy. Yet, your photos somehow have got my mind wondering about other layers of power and spirits.

    Thank you ... your posts always take my mind to a better layer than that where it previously resided. xo

  2. Crystaline airiness to these..

  3. What a gorgeous Sphynx girl!
    I love her!


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