Thursday 22 October 2009

If On An Autumn's Morning A Traveler

Golden Fig Leaf

Fig Tree
Morning Delivery

Shop Sign
Hegenbart Antiques
Ballgasse 8

Kleines Café

The Traveler would have
found a city held captive
by a dense layer of high fog,
denying the dull grey morning
any reflection of light.


Photographs and Text
22 October 2009
© by Merisi

Title inspired
by Italo Calvino's 1979 novel
"Se una notte d'inverno un viaggiatore"
(If On A Winter's Night A Traveler")


  1. The Golden Leaf is beautifully captured!

  2. @ Wandring Star:
    It took me awhile tp find a way to photograph it without the white sign in the door.

  3. Love, love love the leaf!! BEAUTIFUL!!

  4. "Being held captive by the fog"...I love the image and feel this puts in my head.
    Lovely solitary fig leaf picture. It goes well with the fog shrouded mind pictures.

  5. @ Cheffie-Mom,
    it was the bright sight of my morning. ;-)

    @ photowannabe,
    bound and gagged too, I'm tellung you! ;-)

    @ Juju at Tales of Whimsy.,

  6. self portrait is very cleverly done Merisi...

  7. love that leaf! It's dancing across the page. Great sp, too! ;))

  8. I didn't know figs could grow that far north!

    The weather is very similar in Montreal today. Makes one melancholy in a sort of happy way.

  9. @ oiasantorini,
    I realized only at home that I had a selfportrait.
    I had tried to photograph the very unusual entrance to a defunct jewelry store on Graben.

    @ sue,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Rashed,
    they survive winters in protected southerly exposures. I am curious what will happen to this tree.

    The weather is very similar in Montreal today. Makes one melancholy in a sort of happy way.

  10. @ Charles Gramlich,
    me too, with some good prosciutto! ;-)

  11. Andre Veloux22 October, 2009

    The first self portrait? Surely not!?

  12. @ Andre Veloux,
    there's another one, somewhere on the blog.
    I usually don't aim to take my own picture. ;-)

  13. Beautiful photos, Merisi! And I like the self portrait too...

    My little fig tree hasn't turned golden yet; it still has all its leaves. But I don't think it will be much longer before autumn really finds us here in So Cal.

  14. The golden curves of the leaf against the blue geometry of the door make for a wonderful picture! And I loved the second one, showing the whole scene -- and nice to see a picture of Merisi herself.

  15. If that was you in the last photo, how on earth did you manage to take the picture? Split personality? lol :)

  16. Well Merisi, this post has beauty and wit in its photos and captions. And, arriving a bit late, must say that I've also really enjoyed reading the earlier comments and your replies.

    What a lovely community you summon.


  17. autumn is here indeed - bringing along all these beautiful images.

  18. sweet is the leaf as the fruit it bears...

  19. Oh, my God! These photos are amazing. I love them. Many thanks, you've made my day.

    Greetings from London.

  20. Not many leaves left on the tree but still beautiful.
    Loved the self portrait.

  21. Wonderful and clever, as always, Merisi! :o)

  22. Love the blues Merisi. Through your eyes, I see Vienna as just about the cleanest spot on earth.

  23. Oh to be in Franziskanerplatz, now that Autumn's there... wonderful photos.

  24. Hi there...I`m back in blogland and catching up on all the 100`s of fabulous posts I missed out on.....and here you are still takingthe most beautiful photographs.....missed you --Gypsy Purple -Chamara

  25. @ Sara,
    thank you!
    Ah, to be in Southern California!

    @ Vicki Lane,
    I like the van there: Without it, the scene would have been to busy to notice the leaves (I have tried to capture them before, albei without van, and did not like the result).

    @ jinksy,
    it's a reflection, there's a thick plate glass door! ;-)

  26. @ Frances,
    I feel so lucky, you and all other visitors are a true joy and honour, I appreciate all of you immensely!

    @ Lara,
    one appreciates colour even more when the days are grey and the temperatures are sinking.

    @ Shadow,
    fresh ripe figs or a fig tart,
    I would love to have right now! :-)

  27. @A Cuban In London,
    you are welcome! :-)

    @ Arkansas Patti,
    yes, those last leaves are hanging on for dear life! ;-)

    @ Tracy,
    thank you! :-)

  28. @ Carolyn Parker,
    Vienna must be one of the cleanest places around,
    no question about it (and the city authorities are working hard to teach dog owners proper manners - they are a bit recalcitrant!).

    @ Gavin Plumley,
    I am already looking forward to Christmastime! ;-)

    @ Gypsy Purple,
    welcome back, a wonderful surprise! :-)

  29. I can't believe the fig tree is almost leaf-less. It seems like just the other day that you were basking in warmth and roses.

    (LOVE the picture of you.)

  30. Love the blues here, and the self-portrait (so nice to know there's a person behind the camera ;) )
    And I adored Calvino's poetic novel, though not in Italian. Perfect post, Merisi. Thank you.

  31. @ Bee,
    we have been hit by a polar front that simply stole our beautiful autumn! One day we had summer-like weather, then, sudenly, temperatures fell so fast, it snowed one morning. I am still in mourning of the sun and light lost and pray for a miracle.

    @ ds,
    there's indeed a person behind the camera, and passionately so! *smile*
    Reading Calvino is enrichment and balsam for the soul! "Phyllis is a space in which routes are drawn between points suspended in the void ..." - "Invisible Cities"

  32. A fig tree in the street, wow.


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