Tuesday 6 October 2009

Der Rosenkavalier

How To Capture
The Last Of the Evening's Sun

May I hold the rose?
He offered.

He held the blushing rose
firmly against the gale.

I captured her pale beauty
in the light of the last golden rays.
He then turned
and walked away
into the evening shade.


Photographed in the waning evening hours
of the 29th of September
in the Rose Garden of
Vienna's Volksgarten


Images and Text
© by Merisi


  1. Love it. Neat guy, wonderful rose.

  2. Lovely! Great catch on the man and the rose :).

  3. Beautiful photos of the rose garden. Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. You have so many lovely things here I don't want to leave.

  4. Oh Merisi - You have such a talent for photographing roses. So creative. Roses are a beautiful subject, you are able take them to another level of art. I need to take lessons from you! Or at least channel you when I am in my garden!

  5. Lovely photo story. I liked the way you have captured the sunlight on the rose.

  6. The petals almost fall off the computer screen with your photos. I just found your site and have loved looking at all the beauty you share. Some friends of mine from New York recently moved to your home and have invited me to visit. Wow, based on your photos I can hardly wait. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Twirls

  7. A romantic interlude . . . I can almost hear the waltz beginning.

  8. Lovely Golden Hour post. You have capture the magic of it, the rose and Sir Gallihad completely.
    I love how you think.

  9. @ Shadow,
    yes, indeed!

    @ Dewdrop,
    one could not wish for a better ending of the day.
    Beautiful. All of it.

    @ Arkansas Patti,
    the rose garden at this hour is such a lovely peaceful respite from a day's events and the unexpected kindness of a stranger added one more sweet note to it.

    @ The Things We Carried,
    he slipped away so fast, I almost missed him.

    @ Carolyn Parker,
    thank you! :-)
    uuum, perfectly gorgeous!

    @ My Carolina Kitchen,
    welcome back, Sam! :-)

    @ Lori Lynn,
    I think that roses do have character,
    and I try to catch that.
    May well be that I get to go to California in the not so far future. Are you far from San Diego?
    In the meantime, let me know when you want to channel me! ;-)

    @ indicaspecies,
    and my heart with pleasure fills ... whenever
    I manage to walk through the garden and greet the roses!

  10. @ Libby Murphy,
    welcome and thank you! :-)
    Get on that plane to Vienna asap - you will not regret it (although, Christmas season is also a wonderful time to visit and spring and summer and and and .... ).

    @ Vicki Lane,
    I didn't even see his hands,
    I was concentrating on capturing the rose! ;-)
    It would be a wonderful opening scene for a novel, though.

    @ photowannabe,
    how fitting, Sir Gallihad!
    He may well have entered the rose garden through the Burgtheater - National Theater - entrance. ;-)

    Anyway, it was yet another "random act of kindness" that make one's day, and I have encountered many, offered by complete strangers, since I arrived here in Vienna.

  11. That is a perfect picture of a perfect rose...well done!

  12. simply a lovely capture....and so enjoyed the music too.

  13. the petals on these roses are so delicate and translucent...sigh...

  14. Excellent photos with the play of light and shadows in the rose.


  15. Ah,ah. There is that elusive professor who slipped through our fingers...

  16. Weisst ja nicht wohin. Zum Grafen Octavian. Gib's ab und sag': Da drin ist die silberne Ros'n. Der Herr Graf weiss ohnehin.

  17. Those last roses of the summer are hthe most beautiful, because they cling on, savouring every last ray of a dying sun.

  18. love all of it !!!!!!!!!

  19. Your photographs are quite stunning, especially the fall window below.

  20. So well captured together, the images and text.

  21. trying so hard to capture so many Parisienne pale beauties...
    Why is it all I get is blur..?

  22. @ Sandi McBride,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Erin,
    thank you,
    so nice that you discovered my little surlrise! :-)

    @ A Brush with Color,
    I captured them against the light and the wind blew the petal at the top my way. :-)

    @ Cathy,
    I enjoyed capturing that moment! :-)

    @ lakeviewer,

  23. @ Gavin Plumley,
    corpo di Bacco! :-)

    @ Moannie,
    they do, they do,
    at least in our minds. ;-)

  24. @ Queen B.,
    thank you! :-)

    @ acornmoon,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Barbara,
    and a true story! :-)

  25. @ ds,
    thank you! :-)

    @ ParisBreakfasts,
    may Viennese beauties are more forgiving? ;-)


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