Wednesday 28 October 2009

Coffee Or Tea With That?

Morning Light
streaming through my
kitchen window

Little Helpers
Can you spot
the turquoise vase
hiding in the corner?

Apple Tart
for breakfast?

No Way!
Say my little helpers.

First Things First!
Blueberry pancakes
for breakfast it is!

Coffee, Anyone?
Pancake or
Apple Tart with that?


Merisi goes domestic!

I hope you don't mind
this little interlude,
the puzzle below
will be finished later
in the afternoon.

A slice of apple tart
with that coffee?
Tea, anyone?


Photographs and Text
October 2009
© by Merisi


  1. A little poetry
    to set the mood?

    By Billy Collins

    Why do we bother with the rest of the day,
    the swale of the afternoon,
    the sudden dip into evening,

    then night with his notorious perfumes,
    his many-pointed stars?

    This is the best—
    throwing off the light covers,
    feet on the cold floor,
    and buzzing around the house on espresso—

    maybe a splash of water on the face,
    a palmful of vitamins—
    but mostly buzzing around the house on espresso,

    dictionary and atlas open on the rug,
    the typewriter waiting for the key of the head,
    a cello on the radio,

    and, if necessary, the windows—
    trees fifty, a hundred years old
    out there,
    heavy clouds on the way
    and the lawn steaming like a horse
    in the early morning.

    Billy Collins, “Morning” from Picnic, Lightning. Copyright © 1998 by Billy Collins

  2. I love those little helpers...what a joy for you.
    Still got some coffee in the pot? I'd love a splas and maybe just a smidgeon of the apple pie,...Mit Schlag?

  3. What a beautiful way to greet the morning light. Thank you for inviting me to breakfast at your place.

  4. Don't suppose I could have both.
    Great kitchen help you have.

  5. Oh, that apple tart!

    And the lawn steaming like a horse in the early morning -- what a line! Just looked out and ours is doing just that!

  6. Merisi, this post is a delightful surprise. What a graceful way to begin a day.

    Best wishes!

  7. Both, and apple tart... can never have too much of good things! ;o)

  8. A most beautiful greeting for the morning Merisi! Thank you! Now I'm going to make Vienna Toast! OOPS! I mean French Toast! :)

  9. lovely, deee-lightful Merisi!!

  10. Robin egg blue vase! Reminds me of Tiffany. Yes, I want pancakes please. It's like having breakfast at Tiffany's ;-)

    Love the poetry -

    -then night with his notorious perfumes,
    his many-pointed stars?

    And oh, is that a French newspaper? ;-)

  11. Perfect! Everything, just perfect.Why doesn't my morning coffee look like that? And the pie I made on Saturday, I thought it was a good one until I saw yours.
    Another slice please Merisi and a top up and more domestic bliss.

  12. LOVE the Collins....and the little turquoise vase...and your adorable helpers. I have some pieces of that same pattern, the name escapes me now, of your plates.

  13. are we going to get a recipe to go with the tart or pancakes?

  14. Precious domestic moments, intimate and gentle, well lighted and captured beautifully by mommy.

    I can go for that apple tart right now. Thanks.

  15. Oh, thank you! Tart and coffee, please--so that I can go "buzzing around the house on espresso."
    Beautiful and perfect. All of it!

  16. Wonderful Billy Collins poem, and how appropriate. These photos are wonderful--I'll take a slice of that apple tart and some pancakes, too. I'm not proud. They sound delicious. I'll bet your house smelled just divine. Sweet photos of the wee ones, too!

  17. Ohyummy, yummy. I can't choose so may I have a wee bit of both?
    Love your little helpers. They are the best kind.

  18. That apple tart looks so delicious! I love apple pastries. Those pancakes look yummy too.

    The top shot is gorgeous!

  19. Could that delightful quill be from a swan, I wonder?

  20. Coffee and Apple tart would go down a treat..mmm Thank you! :-)

  21. This is my FAVORITE of your posts - and this says a lot because they are all wonderful!! Your little helpers are precious!! Coffee please!!

  22. What a delightful way to start your day, Merisi. Your little helpers are so precious, and I love the picture of those busy little hands.

    Love that kitchen window, too!

  23. Such sweet helpers, and yes, some coffee for me too please.;)

  24. Those kidlets are just adorable. Such sweet wonders in your kitchen. :)


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