Monday 28 September 2009

Indian Summer

Beyond the glasses
with nascent wine,

the small
trellised windows

the roses
with gossamer threads.

"Indian Summer"
Poem by the Austrian poet
Franz Weinzettl
Published in
"Das Glück zwischendurch"
Prosa und Verse.
Edition Korrespondenzen
Vienna 2001

The English translation
of Franz Weinzettl's poem
is my own interpretation,
and not authorized by the author.
Here is his beautiful original:

Hinter den Gläsern
mit "Sturm",
den kleinen
vergitterten Fenstern
die Rosen
mit glänzenden Fäden.


Photographed by Merisi
in the
National Park Lake Neusiedl
Seewinkel - Illmitz
40 Miles South of Vienna
September 2oo8


  1. your version is as delightful as the original poem...

  2. Nice marriage of pictures to words.

  3. I think we've had more golden days in September than the rest of the summer months combined. That first photograph captures the essence of Indian summer so superbly.

  4. Your blog makes me happy– exquisite.

  5. Your version of the poem and the photos are beautiful!! Thank you!!

  6. Jinksy has just sent me the link to your blog.
    It is a lovely discovery.
    Your poem and the original in German are very different in meaning but both are beautiful.

  7. As Carolyn said -- Your blog makes me happy. Many thanks.

  8. Beautiful. It is harvest time, isn't it? We just visited Santa Barbara wine country, and it's funny how the sights you post in Austria echo.

  9. maybe you took these photos in our own wine-yard :). beautiful!

  10. I feel like I could just reach out pick one of those grapes! Beautiful!

  11. @ Shadow,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Arkansas Patti:
    This poem is such an inspiration to look for the small, but o so precious things in life, isn't it?

    @ ParisBreakfasts:
    The ripeness of it all ... ;-)

    @ Bee,
    we have been blessed with a gorgeous summer and autumn truly has been golden so far.

    @ Carolyn Parker,
    thank you, your comments makes me happy! :-)

    @ Cheffie-Mom,
    thank you! :-)

    @ Friko:
    Welcome to my blog!
    Would you elaborate on why you think that my English version has a different meaning?

    @ Vicki Lane:
    I feel the same about yours -
    You also soothe my yearning for those beautiful regions of the USA I miss so much!

    @ g:
    Wine country is wine country, apparently.
    I have seen half a dozen wine regions in Italy,
    and there was always this feeling of "knowing" the place already. Southern Calabrian vineyards on steep hlls also look very much like the ones in the Austrian Wachau region, along the Danube river.
    Harvest time is simply splendid everywhere!

    @ Lara:
    Imagine if we would have walked by each other without knowing? ;-)

    @ Feronia:
    Yes! :-)
    I was lucky enough that the owner of the vineyard with the blue grapes, Zweigelt, cut a bunch of grapes and offered it to me: The sweetest ever!
    I feel like I could just reach out pick one of those grapes! Beautiful!

  12. These grapes make me think of sweet wine from the bottle.


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