Wednesday 2 September 2009

August Light

Blue Wake
Blue sage by the main gate of
St. Marx Cemetary
3rd District

Summer Leaves
St Marx Cemetary

Grapes in August
Campus of the University of Vienna
9th District

Wall Creepers
In the evening sun
19th District

Water Play
Rose Garden Fountain
Volksgarten Park
1st District


  1. Wall Creeper? Merisi, I have studied your pictures closely (lovely as they are) but I am sorry I cannot find the Wall Creeper. Maybe it is hiding in a crevice?

  2. The students of Vienna University evidently demonstrate great imagination to be growing grapes on their campus. I wonder if they ferment the produce in bottles hidden under their beds in the dormitories?

  3. Hello Merisi,

    I do like that special Viennese August light. The water play photo is a gem, truly showing playful water.


  4. Beautiful! I love the grapes!

  5. Hi!
    I have been to Viena last July for the second time with my husband and seven years old daughter.
    This time I used your blog as reference/ guide, and it was great!!!Thanks for sharing the beauty of Viena!One of the most beautiful places I have known!And everytime I miss Viena I run to your blog.

    I wish you all the success!

    Ana Laura from Brazil

  6. I like those grapes, too, and the blue sage...ours is starting to bloom all over again...

  7. .

    Thank you all for your kind comments!
    They are immensely appreciated.

    that wall creeper must have escaped just as I pushed the shutter button! :-)
    You are right, though,
    what I captured is same creeping vine or such.
    I apologize for my sloppy research!


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