Sunday 30 August 2009

Where In The City?

you walk through a wrought iron gate,
early on a beautiful Sunday morning in May,
along a tree lined path,
and your gaze falls on this beautiful expression
of human spirit and craftmanship!

For the Birds?
Who crafted this little birdhouse,
who put the stone next to it?
While this graceful wooden abode
is for the birds,
and the barn serves to store gardening tools,
the grounds on which it resides
belonged to someone else,
once upon a time!

Town and Country
This Austrian farmhouse was built in 1722,
almost 300 years ago.
Whereas originally the grounds around the farmhouse
were privately owned, and a real working farm
with orchards surrounded it,
nowadays it is welcoming
visitors every day of the year.

Schafmilch - Kuhmilch
Sheep Milk - Cow Milk
To the delight and education of children and adults alike,
rare breeds of farm animals on the brink of extinction
are being bred and cared for on the farm.

Copyright 2009 by Merisi. All rights reservedThis being Vienna
there's a café and restaurant
right next to the farmhouse,
housed - would you have guessed it? -
in another farmhouse!

More about this other farmhouse
in my next post -
right now I would like you to guess
where in the world
these two farmhouses are located!

The last owner is not known
for his farming skills,
but he loved to potter in his downtown garden,
even had a conservatory built there.

A world famous architect built the train station
at which he would disembark after the nine minutes ride
from the downtown Karlsplatz,
to walk the twenty minutes or so
up the hill to the farmhouses.


Photographs and Text
© by Merisi


First Published
10 May 2009
The answer to the question posed
will be offered in a
follow-up post
this evening!

A wonderful Sunday
to all of you!


  1. no clue where they are at, but could and would surely love to escape there! :)

  2. I love the little bird sweet!


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