Tuesday 4 August 2009

Vienna in the Blue Hour

White Oleander in the Sky
Rooftop Terrace
Main Library

Cine Bar
Cinema on the Roof
Main Library

Ugly In A Good Way
Poster on Burggasse
I tried to google the creator,
maybe somebody can help me
find the artist,
"Fotograf Thijs Wotzok"?

Viennese Encounter
I was trying to capture
this beautiful window,
and perchancely caught the owner too.

he did not mind at all:
He invited us in,
to admire the beautiful courtyard
hidden from the passerby on the street.

Roses of the palest hues,
white wooden window frames,
apricot striped roller blinds:
I am ready to move in.

An Open Door
Piano music streaming out,
inside I glimpse two ballerinas,
The tall shop windows
are filled with images
of gowns of dreams.

She worked late, again,
and is now trying to arrange
dinner plans by cell.

These Gentlemen
stopped right there,
on their way home from work.

A Glass of Red Wine,
why not?
A fine way to cap off
the day's news.

gives way
as night falls,
along with
a few raindrops.
We linger,
too precious the cool evening air
after a hot summer day.

To all
a good night!

Photographs and text
© by Merisi
August 3, 2009
7th District


  1. Forget Paris, Vienna must be the most beautiful, the most civilised and definately the cleanest City in Europe.

  2. Ah... sadly the young man from High Noon had gone away. I've never been to St. Ulrichsplatz before... must rectify that on my next trip to the city.

  3. All so beautiful -- love the hidden courtyard! And the last picture made me laugh!

  4. Merisi, love the Courtyard! I have Courtyards on the brain! HA!

  5. I love the fact that the owner caught you taking a photo and invited you to see his courtyard...loved all these photos!

  6. Hello Merisi,

    What you see and show continues to enchant us.

    Of course we would all want to move into that house with the roses, the apricot striped shade, the courtyard and the handsome host.

    The gloaming picture is spectacular.

    The final picture is testimony to your wit.

    Once again, I thank you. xo

  7. What a day! Everyone loves a story of a chance meeting, Merci. The courtyard was beautiful. I love the dinner plans arranged by cell story bit! Clever.

  8. I feel like I've squeezed in an extra day in the life.

  9. I hope Vienna officials are paying you for the great images you send out to the world Merisi.... they certainly should be. You make the place seem irresistible ;-)

  10. @ Moannie,
    you ought to come and see for yourself, checking every nook and cranny! ;-)

  11. @ Gavin Plumley:
    I swear I was thinking of you when I took the pictures! ;-)

    You have to talk a walk around St. Ulrichs-Platz, beautiful by day and truly enchanting in the evening, into the night (that pub, Morgenstern, is open until 2am!).

  12. .

    @ Vicki Lane:
    That's our vice-chancellor, poor fellow, some photographer caught him looking upward. I can't help but think of some artist's comic take on La Gioconda. ;-)

  13. What a beautiful sequence of pictures! It tells a real story :-)

  14. .
    @ Carol @ TheWritersPorch:
    Do those courtyards by any chance come with a cup of mint julep? *giggle*

    Only a few hours ago was I trying to explain the history of the French settlers, i.e. Arcadians/Cajuns, ejected from Nova Scotia by the British who fled down the East Coast to Louisiana, hiding in the bayous, when I got a terrible craving for a cold mind julep. And now again!

  15. @ The Retired One:
    That gentleman was really kind,
    I was touched by his invitation.

    @ Frances:
    Thank you,
    you are very sweet! :-)

    @ Cynthia:
    It is a pleasure to weave a story for you and reading your comments makes it a very rewarding experience, thank you!

  16. .
    @ Charles Gramlich:
    That makes me feel wonderful! ;-)

    @ oiasantorini:
    Nobody pays me anything. This blog is entirely my private project!

    I collect here my private images of "My Vienna" - how I see it and how I am discovering it bit by bit.

  17. Thank you for the link to The Cunning Little Vixen. I'd never heard of it!

    What a little gem. :o)


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