Monday 10 August 2009

Early Bird

Monday Morning
Parapet figures on the roof
of the St. Charles Borromaeus Rectory
Kreuzherrengasse 1

St. Charles Church
Karlskirche am Karlsplatz

Otto Wagner's Karlsplatz Subway Station
among palm trees lining the
reflecting pool of St. Charles Church Square.

The Reflecting Pool
Vienna University of Technology
View from St. Charles Church

The Church Clock
strikes Seven

Some Folks are Getting Hungry
Pigeons lining up for the first rays
of the early morning sun.

The Early Bird
Catches the
Best Blueberry Pancakes!


Clicking on the blueberry pancakes
takes you to one of my favorite scenes
of the movie

"Bella Martha" ("Mostly Martha"):

Starred chef Martha (Martina Gedeck)
has been running her restaurant kitchen
in a manner that could be called a tad too uptight lately
and as a consequence she has to comply
with her employer's demand
that she see a therapist (played by August Zirner).
Perfectionist Martha's not the type
to lie still on a therapist's couch,
she teaches him about gourmet cooking instead.

To avoid similar scenes in my home,
I serve the pancakes with
Vermont Maple Syrup.

First posted by Merisi
August 2008


  1. Terrific light in these photos... and you can already feel the early morning heat. Oh to be in the Karlsplatz now... actually I found a studio on the Wiedner Haupstraße the other day. Maybe I should buy it?

  2. Beautiful, as always, Merisi...but what is truly amazing ...I just finished eating blueberry pancakes and then opened your blog!

  3. A delightful morning stroll, thanks Merisi!

  4. Uh is 10pm over here and I have a craving for pancakes now... ;-)
    Thank you again for the lovely pictures...the blue sky is nice to see even more than ever since we are having lots of rain again in Japan!

  5. Oh! Bella Martha is one of my favourite movies as well!
    Thank you for your wonderful pictures and lovely texts - Now I really want to live in Vienna!

  6. OMG
    You always put me in a place where I'm ready to jump on a plane and come see what your pictures capture.

  7. I love the water reflections but I'd love those pancakes more.

  8. why am i shocked to find palm trees in vienna? it seems...illogical!

  9. Love the blueberry pancakes and story with it. Syrup does seem like a lot less hassle. Your pic. of the palm trees in the reflecting pool is supurb.

  10. Merisi, did you see on my sidebar that this movie was on my Netflix queue? I watched it last night and absolutely adored it!! Charming, intelligent and all based around FOOD! I love these bloggy synchronicities. :^)

    These pancakes look devine.

  11. Dear Readers,
    here is another collection of gems from "Mostly Martha" - with "Country" performed by Keith Jarrett and "Via Con Me" sung by Paolo Conte. "It's wonderful" - it truly is, don't you agree?


  12. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! It's always such a JOY to visit your blog!

  13. So much beauty I never saw during my short visit.....

  14. Those figures on the parapet seem wistful . . . perhaps they're longing for blueberry pancakes...

  15. I can always count on your posts to make me smile! And this one, with the stunning blue skies, the reflections and the pancakes, made me especially glad I'd stopped by. :-)!!!

  16. "VERMONT!!" *gasp!!* Obviously you have never tried maple syrup from Maine ;)


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